* Appellate Law Bundle (California) *

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Our Appellate Law Audio Package Bundle combines five of our most popular appeals CLE courses. If you order the bundle, you will save $470 versus ordering each audio package separately! Valid for 28 units of Certified Appellate Specialist credit!

You’ll learn brief writing strategies, advanced issues with protecting and presenting the record, settling cases on appeal, dealing with repeat commercial/institutional litigants, stays, bonding, and supersedeas, writs, and you’ll also get a solid overview of the CA Supreme Court and 9th Circuit appeals.

This bundle is geared for the intermediate-to-advanced practitioner. If you are new to appeals, please consider our introductory course, Demystifying Civil Appeals and Writs in addition to this package, so you catch up first.

(Please click on the program links below to learn the details about each individual seminar)

The Appellate Law Bundle contains the following previously-recorded Pincus Professional Education programs:

1st Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2016

2nd Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2017

3rd Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2018

Persuasive Appellate Brief Writing

Litigation Bonds Demystified (With Other Alternatives Presented)

Please see the “What You Will Learn” Tab for a list of topics covered in each recording.


These courses were recorded between 2014-2018. And in addition to general CLE, they are approved for CA Certified Legal Specialist and ethics credit as follows: 28.0 units of Certified Legal Specialist CLE in California in Appellate Law.  CA Ethics Credit: 1.0 unit of ethics credit.

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What You Will Learn

Here is a short summary of topics for each program. Please see the individual course pages for a detailed agenda.

1st Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2016

  • What’s new in appellate law and technology
  • Brief writing and oral argument strategies
  •  Advanced issues in protecting and presenting the record
  • Q/A Roundtable with audience and moderator
  • Special appeals
  • Rehearing and Requests to Publish
  • California Supreme Court practice


2nd Annual Appellate Conference 2017

  • What Not to Do with Technology
  • Writs
  • Specialized Issues in Brief Writing and Opinions
  • Behind the Scenes at the Court of Appeal
  • Briefing Issues in the Court of Appeal When They are Already Pending before the California Supreme Court
  • Appellate Ethics
  • Behind the Scenes at the California Supreme Court
  • Settling Cases on Appeal
  • Dealing with Clients and Trial Counsel
  • Amicus Curiae Briefs
  • U.S. Supreme Court Cert Practice


3rd Annual Appellate Conference 2018

  • Statements of Decision: The Ideal and the Reality
  • Update on E-filing
  • The Appellate/Public Interface
  • The Effect of Appellate Decisions on Subsequent Litigation
  • Appellate Strategy for Repeat Commercial and Institutional Litigants
  • Stays, Bonding, and Supersedeas


Persuasive Appellate Brief Writing

  • What Makes an Appellate Brief Persuasive?
  • Questions Presented
  • Exercise 1:  Drafting Persuasive Questions Presented
  • Procedural Statement
  • Statement of Facts
  • Exercise 2:  Drafting a Persuasive Statement of Facts
  • Argument Headings and Sub-Headings
  • Exercise 3:  Drafting Persuasive Argument Headings
  • Argument
  • Exercise 4:  Making a Persuasive Argument


Litigation Bonds Demystified (With Other Alternatives Presented)

Bonds and Undertakings in California Civil Litigation

  • What are they?
  • When do you need one?
  • Other statutes
  • How do you get one?
  • Alternatives to bonds
  • Challenging sufficiency of bond or undertaking
  • Enforcing liability on bond or undertaking



The following testimonials are from our Advanced Appellate Conferences (2016-2018):

“Second year [taking this course]. Great information, speakers, and lots of ideas, tips and suggestions. Thanks…I’ll be back next year!” – John Stobart, Esq.

“Much better than the average MCLE courses. It was well thought out and well-presented. I look forward to taking more Pincus courses.” – Earl L. Roberts, Esq.

“It was an informative seminar, full of practical information. Excellent program.” – John Yasuda, Esq.

“This is a great advanced seminar. Very high-level, informative presentations.” – Tom Freeman, Esq.

“Still one of the best CLE programs.” – Joshua R. Furman, Esq.

“Excellent content. Expertly presented…I’m trying to resume active appellate practice…This program was a great start.” – Bruce Finch, Esq.

“I attended last year’s appellate conference. It was so helpful and informative that I wanted to attend this [year’s] conference.” – Linda N. Wisotsky, Esq.

“Broader (and better) scope than expected. Another excellent program.” – Marisa Janine-Page, Esq.

“Having a ‘behind-the-scenes’ perspective on the appellate courts’ workings is very valuable. I handle 2-3 writs/appeals per month and this subject matter is useful…very engaging speakers. The judicial perspective is highly informative.” – Sean Collins, Esq.

“The topics were interesting and…helpful to my practice.” – Jessica Simon, Esq.

“All presenters are great. There were a lot of good nuggets that I will use in my practice.” – Linda Conrad, Esq.

“The program was excellent.” – Tom Freeman, Esq.

“A very good panel of speakers with good diversity in topics.” – Robert Mata, Esq.

“Great program.” – Sara Birmingham, Esq.

“Thank you. The program, panelists, and participants were excellent.” – Teresa Stinson, Esq.

“Very useful, informative program. Every speaker was excellent! ” – Kevin Meek, Esq.

“I love Pincus-produced lectures and seminars…very thorough handouts and materials. Excellent appellate law topics.”

“Excellent seminar. It’s one of the best I have attended.” – Bob Lucas, Esq.

“I took this [course] to see if it is a career move I want to make. Very satisfied with the program.” – Dennis Beaty, Esq.

“What I appreciate the most from these trainings is the multiple perspectives from various judges and practicing attorneys.” – Cynthia Vargas, Esq.

“I am a practicing appellate attorney and I heard good things about this seminar. All the speakers were very knowledgeable and presented well and kept my interest…[and] the materials in the appendix were very useful.”

“[Justice Rivera was] very good, detailed, and interesting. [Harry Chamberlain was] a very good speaker. This was a terrific panel!” – Steve Mayer, Esq.

“A fast-moving program – covered a lot of ground.”  – Lisa Ungerer, Esq.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the discussion during ethics, regarding plagiarism and ghost writing. I think it was the most interesting conversation all day.”

“This was an excellent program. And Speakers did a great job.” – Christopher Johns

“Very thorough. Well done.” – Eric Troff, Esq.

“The opportunity to speak with justices is very helpful.” – Deborah Bull, Esq.

“All great topics.” – Richard P. Fisher, Esq.

“Excellent [speaker]…Great handouts.” – Ira Salzman, Esq.

“Excellent, informative, enjoyable – all of the speakers did a great job.”
“Another great program – you never disappoint.”

“It’s great to have presentations targeting experienced appellate lawyers.  Tremendously useful.” – Tom Freeman, Esq.

“Wonderful!” – Chris Lim, Esq.

“I’m glad I came and definitely glad I joined the networking lunch.” – Rochelle Wilcox, Esq.

“Learned some good and valuable things.”  Lawrence P. Hellman, Esq.

“Excellent program. Great use of knowledgeable and credible speakers…Truly an excellent program. [It was] well thought out with valuable information.”

“I liked the follow up from Pincus. They gave me a call at work and made sure I had the materials.”

“I chose this program because I’m a previous attendee and have enjoyed it.”

“Excellent program!”

“Excellent program and good speakers.”

“Really great presenters.”

“Very good [materials].”

“Excellent presentations.”

“Subject matter was great.”


“This [program] was great.”

“Really good, varied program.”

“Excellent program. I’ve just started appellate work and wanted to learn more. This program was quite good. Thank you!”

“Addressed the ‘advanced’ issues facing appellate attorneys. And, as always, presenters were knowledgeable.”

“Great seminar!! So much great, practical information I can use.”

“I love the format and the pace!”

“This was an excellent program. All speakers did a great job!”

“[Judge’s] candidness was refreshing.”

“[Speaker] Really enjoyed her perspective.”

“[Speaker] Informative and engaging.”

“Very practical and would definitely attend again and recommend to others.”

“Very current and useful information.”

“Organization and administration were excellent and very efficient.”

“Organization and administration of program was excellent – very efficient.”

“Greg Wolff was worth the price of admission on his own.”

“All of the speakers were great.”

“Good, vigorous discussion.”

“Great program and location. The lunch itself was great, as was the opportunity to network.”

“Great seminar.”


Please see the individual course pages for the list of faculty at each program.

1st Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2016

2nd Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2017

3rd Annual Advanced Appellate Conference 2018

Persuasive Appellate Brief Writing

Litigation Bonds Demystified (With Other Alternatives Presented)


Save $470 by ordering the audio bundle now!

Audio Recording and Materials Packages (five programs total): Download format$1399

Audio Recording and Materials Packages (five programs total): CD format $1399, plus $8.50 shipping and, in CA, sales tax.

(The total cost of purchasing each seminar separately, including taxes and shipping, would be more than $1860!)

CLE Credit

CA General:  This program bundle (all seminars combined) is approved for 28.0 units of general CLE in California.

CA Certified Legal Specialist:  This program bundle (all seminars combined) is approved for 28.0 units of Certified Legal Specialist CLE in California in Appellate Law.

CA Ethics Credit: This program bundle (all seminars combined)  is approved for 1.0 unit of ethics credit.

Please note: Our recorded webinar, Litigation Bonds Demystified, comes with self-study credit only. Participatory credits are not available for this program.

This program is approved for CLE in the states listed above.  Upon request, Pincus Pro Ed will provide any information an attorney needs to support their application for CLE approval in other states other than what is listed above.


Terms and Policies

Recording policy: No audio or video recording of any program is permitted.

Seminar Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend for any reason, please inform us in writing no later than 14 days prior to the event and a credit voucher will be issued. If you prefer, a refund, less a $50 non-refundable deposit, will be issued. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received within 14 days of an event. However, if you notify us within 14 days of an event, and wish to convert your in-person attendance registration to an Audio CD package (with handout), we can do so. A small additional shipping charge, and sales tax in CA, will be incurred. No shipping charge is incurred for downloads. We will also issue a voucher for the amount paid if you notify us within 14 days and prefer not to have the audio recording.

Substitutions may be made at any time.

Webinars, Tele-seminars and Webcast Cancellations: Once log-in codes and passwords are issued for a webinar, tele-seminars or webcasts, a refund is not possible. If for any reason you cannot attend the event after you have received the codes, we will automatically convert your registration to an instant streaming/instant download or CD format and provide you with the information you need to access the recording after the program concludes and the recording is available.  Conversions to CD require a $8.50 shipping fee, and in CA, 9% sales tax.

Downloads/CDs/DVDs – Refund policy:

Downloads are non-returnable/non-refundable once purchased and received. Tapes, CDs and DVDs are returnable for a full refund or replacement if defective, within 90 days of purchase.

Reminder: The room temperature at hotels and other seminar locations are notoriously hard to control. Please bring a sweater or jacket in case it gets cold and/or layer as if you are going to the movies so you are comfortable.

$1,869.00 $1,399.00 each