Book A Judge To Speak!

You can now book a Retired Judge to Speak at Your Law Firm, Agency or Retreat!

How would you like to book a retired judge to speak at your law firm, agency or retreat?

We have several fabulous retired judges who are available to provide you with the special insight from the bench your attorneys cannot get anywhere else.

Presentations can be tailored to your firm’s needs and given anywhere and our current roster of judges are from Illinois, Florida and California.

Sample presentations include:

  • Getting the Judge on Your Side
  • Streamlining Litigation
  • Perspectives from the Bench
  • Anatomy of a Trial
  • Damages in Commercial Litigation: What do They Look Like
  • What’s the value of your case?
  • Voir Dire and Motions in Limine: Getting it Right
  • Negotiating Settlement: What you Need to Learn
  • Mediation? What’s in it for your client?

Don’t see what you’d like to hear about? Contact us and we can see if one of our judges can create a custom program on just the topic(s) you need! We’re confident they’d love to do so!

These presentations can be done during one of your “lunch and learn” sessions, or can be extended to more in-depth training programs.

Speaking fees start at $2,000, depending on the speaker and length of program.

For more information, please call us at (877) 858-3848 or contact us and we’ll get back to you shortly.