Drafting CA’s Permanent Cannabis Laws


It’s been almost two years since cannabis was legalized for recreational use in California – and the business, economic and legal implications are profound.

Last Friday, California regulators published the first draft of permanent adult-use and medical cannabis laws.

This kicks off the process of hearings and public comment that will conclude at the end of 2018 with a final set of regulations governing the emerging industry.

Proposed laws fill the 315-page document, sent out by the Bureau of Cannabis Control, the Department of Food and Agriculture, and the Department of Public Health.

A few permanent regulations proposed in the document include:

  • Allowing licensed marijuana deliveries in any city or county in CA
  • Expanded restrictions on marijuana advertising which may appeal to children
  • Requiring marijuana event hosts to be more explicit about where:
    • licensed retailers will be set up
    • attendees can smoke or consume cannabis
    • sales will occur

Lori Ajax, chief of the Bureau of Cannabis Control, said, “The regulations we now propose include changes that make it easier for businesses to operate and strengthen public health and safety policies.” State agencies will hold ten public meetings around California through August to collect public comments on the proposed permanent laws. Comments may also be submitted by letter or email.

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The New Pot Com.

As most everyone in California knows, beginning January 1, recreational marijuana is available for purchase by anyone 21 years or older.According to The Recorder, a study from the University of California Agricultural Issues Center at UC Davis, estimated the state’s recreational marijuana sales could reach $5 billion a year, though other studies are estimating $100,000 million for the first year. Either way – it is going to be a huge economic boom. We’re calling it the new Pot Com.

Companies are also prepping for the inevitable regulations that will come with legalized marijuana and marijuana is about to become big business. That comes with large legal departments and legal services provided by attorneys at all sizes of firms and in a variety of legal specialties, as we have said before.

You can get the latest story from The Recorder here.

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