11th Circuit Court of Appeals Boot Camp: The Nuts and Bolts (Recorded Package and OnDemand Streaming)

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Our 11th Circuit Court of Appeals Boot Camp is a beginner-level program designed to teach the attorney new to appeals at the 11th Circuit everything – or most everything – they need to know to handle an appeal at the 11th Circuit.  It is based on our very successful 9th Circuit program, held last year and in 2021.

This program will be a two-part webinar.

On Day 1/Part 1, you will get an overview of the 11th Circuit. You will then be walked through the process of initiating the appeal in civil cases. Next, your faculty moves on to discuss the various forms of relief available.  You’ll learn about appellate Stays and Bonds and then you will get a deep dive into appellate motion practice – which makes up a good amount of your federal court appeals work.

On Day 2/Part 2, you will hear a quick run-down of the 11th Circuit’s Mediation Program, then your faculty will discuss brief writing and excerpts of records.  After that, you’ll get an inside look at Oral Argument, learning about the process and components, what you can expect and what the judges need from you, how to prepare, and how best to argue.  Your faculty will also provide a few tips about remote/online arguments.

Your faculty on Day 2/Part 2 will walk you through the critical post-decision practice tasks about which you must know, including Petitions for Panel Rehearing, Petitions for Rehearing en Banc, Petitions for Attorneys’ Fees and Costs, Petitions for Certiorari and essential timelines.

This is an essential program for anyone new to practicing in the 11th Circuit, or anyone wanting an inside look at it or refresher.  For the latter though, please note that this is a beginner level course.

 Please click on the Agenda Tab above for a detailed list of what you will learn at this program.

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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn

Part 1: Tuesday, September 17, 2024


 An Overview and Inside Look at 11th Circuit Practice
Laurie Daniel 

  • Overview of the structure of the 11th Circuit
  • 11th Circuit docket orders/time schedules demystified

Initiating the Appeal in Civil Cases
Jamie Moses

  • Should you appeal?
  • Do you have an appeal as a matter of right?
  • If not, what are your options for interlocutory review?
  • Petitions for permission to appeal (28 U.S.C. § 1292(b), Fed. R. Civ. P. 23(f))
  • Entry of separate judgment as to fewer than all parties/claims (Fed. R. Civ. P. 54(b))
  • Appeals from orders granting or denying preliminary injunctions
  • Writs
  • Initiating the appeal

The Court’s Decision—What Relief and in What Form?
Laurie Daniel 

  • The five main dispositions – affirm, reverse, vacate, remand and dismiss
  • Published opinions versus unpublished memoranda
  • Certifying state-law questions to state supreme courts
  • Practice tips: framing the relief your client needs

Appellate Stays and Bonds
Laurie Daniel 

  • When can enforcement of a judgment begins?
  • Staying a money judgment by providing security
  • Staying a money judgment without security
  • Staying (or creating) an injunction pending appeal
  • From which court do I request a stay?

11th Circuit Motion Practice
Alyssa Reiter

  • Procedural
    • Extensions of time
    • Oversized briefs
    • Consolidation
    • Withdrawal / substitution of counsel
    • Stay of appellate proceedings
    • Strike
    • Limited remand
    • Expedite
    • In forma pauperis
  • Substantive
    • Dismiss
    • Summary affirmance / summary disposition
    • Stay / injunctive relief
    • Appointment of counsel
    • Bail
    • Fugitives
  • Original proceedings
    • Petitions for permission to appeal
      • 28 U.S.C. s. 1292(b), Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 23(f)
    • Mandamus petitions
  • Miscellaneous issues
    • If relief is needed on an “emergency” basis (fewer than 21 days)
    • Certificate of appealability in habeas cases
    • 42 U.S.C. § 1983 cases by prisoners – exhaustion administrative remedies


Part 2: Thursday, September 19, 2024

The 11th Circuit Mediation Program
Elliot Kula

Brief Writing
Monica V. Castro, Elliot Kula, and Rebecca M. Plasencia

  • 11th Cir Rules v. State Rules Generally (not by state)
  • How to decide what you’ll put in your briefs
  • Standard of review in briefs [max 5 min]
  • Excerpt of Records requirement
  • A walk through of your briefs
  • What persuades your judges?
  • What does not persuade your judges?
  • Writing tips

Oral Argument
Christopher Bellows and Matthew Friedlander

  • Process and components
    • Scheduling
    • Whether or not and why they get scheduled
    • How judges are picked
    • What happens after your argument?
  • How to prepare
  • What is the usual timing?
  • What are the most important rules?
  • What are judges are expecting from you?
  • In-person presentation tips
  • Additional tips for online arguments
    • Tech and what to expect from the court
    • Expectations of judges
    • Court reporters
    • Dress and presence
    • Your location & background choices

Post-Decision Practice
Kristen Fiore

  • Petitions for panel rehearing
  • Petitions for rehearing en banc
  • Petitions for attorney fees
  • Cost bills
  • Petitions for certiorari
    • Making your appeal cert proof
  • Timelines


Here are just a couple testimonials from our 2023 9th Circuit Court of Appeals program with the same agenda.

“Speakers were all amazing. Very impressive people. All presented well.” – Carlos Navarro. Esq.

“I found the program exceptionally specific and detailed.” – Laura Coffin, Esq.

“I’m grateful the program is over two days, offers the amount of CLE credit it does and I enjoyed each speaker – knowledgeable and clear.” – Paula Boggs, Esq.

“All of the panelists were extremely well-prepared, smooth, and seamless. Great program this year. I’ve attended many Pincus programs. I thought I already knew everything I needed to know about Ninth Circuit practice having handled 200+ appeals there. But I learned so many new tips and inside information about the mechanics of the Court and attitudes of the justices. Very glad I’m attending!” – Robert C. Little, Esq.

“Great speakers and coverage.” – Yumeng Jiang, Esq.

“Excellent program.  I learned a lot and I feel much more prepared to practice before the Ninth Circuit.” –  Michelle Williams, Esq.

“Well done! Great content and knowledgeable speakers.”- Linda Kollar, Esq.

“Really excellent speakers and content, a great intro for newer attorneys or refresher for experienced ones.” – Robyn Stein, Esq.

“Great detail and focus. The speakers were concise.” – Arturo Benavidez, Esq.

“Very well done; all speakers very knowledgeable and very good speakers.” –  Linda Randlett Kollar, Esq.

“Helpful nuts and bolts.”- Ira Gottllieb, Esq.

“I thought this program was extremely well done. It was wonderful having insight from the Appellate Judges.” – Michelle Williams, Esq.

“Great program!” – John P Kinsey, Esq.

“Truly great Ninth Circuit Boot Camp.” – Robert Collings Little, Esq.

“Great stories from judges.” – Janice Bellucci, Esq.

“Worthwhile!” – Paula Boggs, Esq.

“Helpful content.” – Ira Gottlieb, Esq.

“Very good presentation and explanations about this complicated topic.”

“Great judges, they offered valuable insight.”

“Excellent speakers, great mix of practitioners and judges, excellent program.”

“Great program- LOVED the speakers and practical advice.”

“This was super helpful, particularly having current 9th Circuit Judge’s available and answering questions.”

“Good to have a “nuts and bolts” approach on this topic.”

“The information about briefing was especially engaging.”

“It was very helpful – especially appreciated hearing from the judges.”

“Great speakers. Lots of information, so the packet was helpful.”

“Professional, good content, and authoritative.”

“Very useful and informative.”

“Good content; excellent speakers.”

“Very helpful, learned a lot.”

“Very pleased with well outlined materials and presentations.”

“Loved the panelists and having judges with practical feedback.”

Testimonials from previous 9th Circuit Court of Appeals programs: 

“I liked the variety of speakers; each had expertise in the topics covered. Having multiple speakers kept things interesting. Great job! Thank you!” – Katherine Rabago, Esq. 

“The first day’s speakers were particularly outstanding.” – Stephen D. Watson, Esq. 

Great program. I especially appreciated day 2, where there was more pragmatic advice given.– Amy Michael, Esq. 

“Good program. Covered a lot of areas in a short periodDemonstrated a need for intense study to enter the field.” – Stephen J. Hansen, Esq. 

I really enjoy part 2 of the CLE today. I loved having the judges’ perspectives regarding procedure, tone and format of briefs, and other insights. It will be very helpful in my practice!

“Excellent speakers and presentation.” – Rebecca Wilson, Esq. 

Excellent. This was perhaps the most useful MCLE I’ve attended in my 32 years of practice. 

It was very helpful.” – Fraser Muir, Esq. 

“Well done presentation.” – Joshua Stevens, Esq. 

I rarely keep course materials, but I’ve found the material accompanying several chapters worth keeping. 

“Very clear and relevant presentation.” – Brian Beckwith, Esq. 

“Great program.” – Polly Estes, Esq.

“Fantastic speakers and materials. The judges’ perspectives were particularly helpful.

“This CLE is one of the best I’ve attended. Very well organized and well-paced.” 

“The speakers were all subject matter experts on their topics and the handout materials are detailed and well organized.” 

“The program was very broad, yet specific enough with details to remind me of issues to look for.” 

“Great, in-depth course with lots of experts and very professionally executed.

“I loved the variety of perspectives, from the lawyers in different sectors to the judges on different panels. Thank you!

“Loved this program.  It was very helpful to me.  It gave me a lot of insight into appellate practice generally as well as the 9th Circuit particularly.” 

“Very knowledgeable presenters, good pace, and appreciate extensive written materials.” 

“Very informative. I enjoyed the pace and being able to follow along with the handout.” 

“Excellent content.” 

Very good content, I enjoyed hearing different perspectives. 

“The speakers certainly knew what they were talking about.

“All the presenters were excellent.” 

“I thought all speakers were well-qualified experts. I enjoyed the presentation very much.” 

“Speakers were very knowledgeable on the topics.” 

“Well done.” 

“Very thorough.” 

“Great panel and speakers.” 

“Very efficient, good overview content.” 

“Good and informative.” 

“Very informative.” 

“Very helpful, practical, and informative.”  

“The judges’ contributions to the panels were a very good addition. The speakers were all very good.”

“It was very informative and helpful.” 

“All good and helpful information.” 

“Very useful for new appellate lawyers.” 

“Knowledgeable and experienced speakers.” 

“Great speakers.” 

“Very well done and informative.” 

“Loved part 2! Great judge and practitioners.”

High quality speakers.” 

“Good job overall.”


More speakers and judges to be announced

Christopher N. Bellows, Esq.
Holland & Knight LLP

Christopher N. Bellows is an appellate attorney who has handled complex civil appeals in the Supreme Court of Florida, all Florida District Courts of Appeal and the federal appellate courts.

Mr. Bellows also has significant experience in complex commercial litigation, including areas of contract law, Uniform Commercial Code, business torts, foreclosures, receiverships, replevins, construction disputes, landlord-tenant litigation, product liability, personal injury, first amendment, employment discrimination, housing discrimination, environmental law, professional malpractice, antitrust, securities fraud and shareholder disputes.

Monica V. Castro, Esq.
Holland & Knight LLP

 Monica Vila Castro is a Miami litigation attorney on Holland & Knight’s Appellate Team and in the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. She focuses on complex commercial litigation and appellate matters involving a wide variety of legal issues.

In her commercial litigation practice, Ms. Castro has represented clients in cases arising from breach of contract, shareholder disputes, mismanagement and embezzlement of company assets, challenges to the validity of life insurance policies, termination of distributorships, disputes with health insurers and predatory lending. Ms. Castro’s fluency in Spanish has enabled her to effectively assist clients in both English- and Spanish-speaking jurisdictions.

As part of her appellate practice, Ms. Castro has drafted briefs and argued appeals in the Florida District Courts of Appeal, Florida Supreme Court and the U.S. Courts of Appeals for the Fourth and Eleventh Circuits, as well as the U.S. Supreme Court. Ms. Castro routinely assists trial lawyers from the inception of a case, using her appellate knowledge to ensure that legal issues arising during the course of litigation are well-positioned for a favorable outcome at the trial and appellate levels. Prior to entering private practice, Ms. Castro served as a law clerk to the Honorable Susan H. Black on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit.

Laurie Webb Daniel, Esq.
Webb Daniel Friedlander LLP

Laurie Webb Daniel is a known resource for motions, appeals, and strategic trial support in high stakes litigation. She represents clients nationwide in state and federal courts, including in the U.S. Supreme Court, in cases ranging from complex business litigation to torts involving catastrophic injury such as products liability, premises liability, and wrongful death matters.

In other words, Ms. Daniel is a generalist with an appellate specialty. Her forte is combining appellate skills with substantive expertise to position cases for a successful outcome, often working with trial counsel from other firms to achieve the best results for their clients.

Ms. Daniel has personally argued in the U.S. Supreme Court, and has served as a commentator for CNN on Supreme Court arguments. She has served twice as chair of the American Bar Association’s Standing Committee on Amicus Curiae Briefs. Ms. Daniel also chaired the American Bar Association’s “Practitioners Reading Group” that vetted the writings of U.S. Supreme Court Nominee, now Justice, Brett Kavanaugh and, before that, served as a member of the ABA Reading Group that vetted the writings of Justice Sonia Sotomayor when she was nominated to serve on the Supreme Court. Among her other professional activities is Ms. Daniel’s role as a Trustee and Member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Supreme Court Historical Society.

As a native of Atlanta, Ms. Daniel has been active in local community organizations, including Leadership Atlanta and United Way. She also has been a leader in the local and state bar associations, founding the Appellate Practice Section of the State Bar of Georgia–and serving as its first chair–and being elected as president of the 100-year old Lawyers Club of Atlanta–serving as its first female president.

Kristen Fiore, Esq.
Akerman LLP

Board certified in Appellate Practice by The Florida Bar, Kristen Fiore’s practice focuses on complex appellate matters. Prior to joining Akerman, Kristen served as a senior staff attorney for Florida Supreme Court Justice Barbara Pariente and a staff attorney for Fourth District Court of Appeal Judge Fred Hazouri. During her clerkships at both the highest and intermediate levels of appellate courts in Florida, she reviewed hundreds of briefs and participated in countless appeals, exposing her to a broad range of appellate issues and providing clients invaluable insight in framing compelling arguments and preservation of error issues during the trial stage of litigation.

Kristen’s extensive experience encompasses civil and administrative cases touching on a wide range of law, including constitutional issues, discovery, class actions, damages, bankruptcy, malpractice, probate, Indian law, taxation, and family, among others. Significant areas of focus in her appellate work include financial, insurance, and labor and employment disputes.

Prior to entering the practice of law, Kristen held several roles in human resources and general management in the financial services and consulting industries. Kristen’s diverse background provides her unique perspective into the intricate issues facing her clients.

Matthew Friedlander, Esq.
Founding Partner
Webb Daniel Friedlander LLP

Matthew Friedlander is an appellate litigator and founding partner of Webb Daniel Friedlander, LLP. He spent years honing his research, writing, negotiation, and trial skills at two international law firms, litigating a variety of complex, high stakes matters. Mr. Friedlander joined Laurie Webb Daniel to start Webb Daniel Friedlander, LLP as an appellate boutique to focus on the work he loves: motions, appeals, and strategic trial support.


While the focus of Mr. Friedlander’s practice is appellate advocacy in state and federal courts, he has experience representing a diverse array of clients in complex, high-value commercial and casualty disputes at all stages of the litigation process. This well-rounded litigation experience makes him a better appellate advocate.


Mr. Friedlander is a “lawyer’s lawyer.” Clients hire him before trial to provide a thorough analysis of all legal issues in the case and to draft complex discovery and dispositive motions. At trial, he works with trial counsel to preserve all potential appellate issues. This typically involves drafting and arguing motions in limine, making contemporaneous objections to improper testimony, documentary evidence, and arguments of counsel, drafting and arguing directed verdict motions, and guiding the court through the charge conference. After trial, he often drafts and argues post-trial motions and, of course, provides appellate representation by drafting appellate briefs and conducting oral argument before a panel of appellate judges.

Elliot Kula, Esq.
Principal Partner
Kula & Associates, P.A.

Elliot Kula practices exclusively as an appellate attorney, and earned his Board Certification in Appellate Practice from The Florida Bar in 2010. He has experience representing clients in both state and federal courts, in a variety of substantive areas of the law, and is among a select few appellate practitioners in Florida who maintain a focus on bankruptcy appeals. Kula also provides litigation support during every phase of the litigation in order to optimize the client’s position and create efficient and effective strategies for trial counsel. Kula has argued in every District Court of Appeal in Florida, as well as the United States Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit, the Tenth Circuit, and the United States District Court for the Southern and Middle Districts of Florida. 

Previously a shareholder with the Greenberg Traurig law firm, where he served as the Administrative Head of the Appellate Practice Group, Kula established his own appellate boutique in 2011. Kula graduated from the University of Minnesota in 1989 with a BA in English, and earned his law degree from Hamline University School of law in 1993. Following his schooling, Kula moved to Miami and became a member of The Florida Bar in 1994. 


Jamie Billotte Moses, Esq.
Holland & Knight

Jamie Billotte Moses is an Orlando litigation attorney and a member of the firm’s Appellate Team. Ms. Moses focuses her practice primarily on state and federal appeals. She also has significant experience representing clients in real estate and broker litigation, professional malpractice litigation, along with insurance and bad faith litigation.

Ms. Moses is board certified in Appellate Law by The Florida Bar. Prior to joining Holland & Knight, she was a partner at a large Orlando law firm, where she led the appellate practice group.

Rebecca M. Plasencia, Esq.
Holland & Knight

 Rebecca M. Plasencia is an attorney in Holland & Knight’s Appellate and Litigation Practice Groups. Her practice areas include appeals, complex commercial litigation, product liability and creditors’ rights. Since joining Holland & Knight’s Appellate Team, Ms. Plasencia has argued appeals in the Florida District Courts of Appeal and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Ms. Plasencia has also worked on numerous appeals before the Florida Supreme Court, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit and U.S. Supreme Court. She has also litigated cases in state and federal courts and worked on several arbitration disputes.

In her commercial litigation practice, Ms. Plasencia has defended hotels in consumer class actions arising from the imposition of automatic gratuities and service charges at restaurants. Ms. Plasencia also represents financial institutions and law firms in cases alleging a variety of tort claims, including aiding and abetting fraud, aiding and abetting breach of fiduciary duty, and conspiracy. She has also represented a wide range of clients in claims arising from employment agreements, including obtaining emergency injunctions to prevent dissemination of trade secrets.

Ms. Plasencia routinely assists trial lawyers from the inception of a case, using her appellate knowledge to ensure that legal issues arising during the course of litigation are well-positioned for a favorable outcome, both at the trial and appellate levels. Ms. Plasencia has extensive experience in litigating nuanced jurisdictional and venue issues, including forum non conveniens motions and motions to compel arbitration. She also assists in litigation matters that arise after appeal, including postjudgment execution and enforcement of creditors’ rights.

Before entering private practice, Ms. Plasencia served as a law clerk to the Honorable Paul C. Huck of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida, from August 2004 to September 2005. While at the University of Miami School of Law, Ms. Plasencia was a member of the University of Miami Law Review and the Moot Court Board. As a Moot Court Board member, Ms. Plasencia participated in numerous competitions and received the Best Oral Advocate Award for her participation in the Advanced Moot Court Competition in 2002. Ms. Plasencia interned for the Honorable Rodolfo Sorondo Jr., at the Florida Third District Court of Appeal and served as a Constitutional Law Dean’s fellow to Professor Keith Rosenn at the University of Miami School of Law. She also interned at the Florida Office of the Attorney General, Criminal Appeals Division, during which time she argued several cases before the Florida Third District Court of Appeal.

Alyssa M. Reiter, Esq.
Wicker Smith

Alyssa Reiter is a partner at the Wicker Smith Fort Lauderdale office where she focuses her practice primarily on handling appeals, litigation support, and insurance coverage matters.

In a career spanning over 30 years, Alyssa has handled over 100 appeals and is counsel of record in dozens of reported opinions. She has represented clients in a wide range of cases, including products liability, professional malpractice, commercial litigation, insurance coverage and bad faith, vehicular accident, premises liability, and aviation. She has argued cases in the Florida Supreme Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, the 11th Circuit and the 7th Circuit, and numerous appellate courts throughout not only Florida and Illinois but the entire United States.

After the first 10 years of her practice in Florida, Alyssa moved to Chicago, Illinois. There, she headed the appellate department of a prominent litigation firm for many years. She achieved leadership roles in the Appellate Lawyers Association, being one of the only members to be asked to serve on the Board of Directors for three different terms. Alyssa was selected by her peers as a Leading Lawyer and a Super Lawyer in the field of civil appeals. In 2015, Alyssa was ranked #6 in the state of Illinois for women civil appellate lawyers. Alyssa also has earned an AV rating from Martindale-Hubbell, the highest rating awarded by that organization.

Alyssa has been a speaker at numerous Continuing Legal Education seminars, primarily on legal writing. She co-authored a chapter of an Illinois Institute of Continuing Legal Education book on product liability. For several years she also was one of three civil appeals lawyers the Illinois State Bar Association selected to write summaries of Illinois Supreme Court opinions for an ISBA publication.

Alyssa earned her Bachelor of Arts degree, with honors, from the University of South Florida in 1984 and then earned her Juris Doctor degree from the University of Florida in 1987, graduating cum laude and Order of the Coif.



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CLE Credit

FL CLE:  This program is Approved for 8.5 General CLE in Florida through 3/31/2026. This program is also approved for 8.5 Appellate Practice Certification CLE credits through 3/31/2026.

GA: This program is approved for 7.0 Total CLE Hours including 7.0 Trial Hours in Georgia.

CA General: This program is approved for 7.00 units of general CLE in California.

NY General: This course is eligible for approval, under New York’s CLE Approved Jurisdiction policy, for —- CLE units. Pincus Professional Education is a CA Accredited Provider, which is a NY approved jurisdiction. See Section 6 of the New York State CLE Board Regulations and Guidelines for further information.

This program is approved for CLE in the states listed above.  Upon request, Pincus Pro Ed will provide any information an attorney needs to support their application for CLE approval in other states other than what is listed above. Many attorneys ask for this and are approved in other states.

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Recording/Recorded on September 17 & 19, 2024.