Jennie Wang VonCannon is our latest Featured Speaker!

Our latest featured speaker is Jennie Wang VonCannon from Crowell!

Jennie is speaking at our upcoming 20th Annual Federal Court Boot Camp: The Nuts and Bolts (CA) program on April 30 & May 2, 2024. At this program you’ll get a unique perspective and an inside look at what the court wants and does not want from attorneys practicing in Federal Court. Jennie has previously spoken at our 19th Annual Federal Court Boot Camp: The Nuts and Bolts (in California) and received rave reviews from attendees.

Jennie Wang VonCannon is a technology trial lawyer and advisor with a proven track record of success in both the courtroom and the boardroom — with over two decades of experience and deep understanding of corporate defense in both criminal and civil contexts, cybersecurity, and intellectual property matters. She is a trained AI Governance Professional who can assist clients with creating or updating compliance programs regarding AI (both generative and otherwise). She served for over eleven years as a federal prosecutor, culminating in her selection to serve with distinction as the Deputy Chief of the Cyber and Intellectual Property Crimes Section of the National Security Division of the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California.

Jennie helps clients in crisis with litigation, internal investigations, law enforcement and regulatory inquiries and subpoenas, and cybersecurity and privacy incidents. In an increasingly interconnected world, Jennie understands the critical importance of safeguarding sensitive information and intellectual assets. With her extensive knowledge of cybersecurity laws, regulations, and best practices, she advises companies on proactive measures to mitigate cyber threats and provides creative solutions to surviving cyber incidents.

Jennie also stays up-to-date on technology advancements and trends, and has a remarkable aptitude for assimilating extensive amounts of information efficiently and effectively. Her keen analytical skills allow her to delve deep into complex legal cases, regulatory frameworks, and new technologies, enabling her to grasp the nuances and key elements crucial to building persuasive arguments or providing comprehensive advice. Jennie’s ability to distill complex information in a clear and concise manner sets her apart. Whether addressing juries, board members, or clients, she is able to convey complex legal and technical concepts in a straightforward and accessible manner with the understanding that her audience will often possess diverse backgrounds and varying levels of legal knowledge. She adeptly tailors her communication to present legal matters in a manner that aligns with her clients’ objectives and provides clarity on potential risks and opportunities, which enables them to make informed decisions that align with their organizations’ best interests.

Jennie is a Certified Information Privacy Professional, a founding member and former Chair of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Privacy and Cybersecurity Section, and an executive committee and life member of the Women Lawyers Association of Los Angeles. She has spoken at numerous industry programs on key topics such as AI and the legal profession and cybersecurity enforcement trends.

We are excited to have her join us!

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