Now you can get a college degree in Marijuana Studies

Northern Michigan University is now offering a Marijuana Studies degree. This work intensive course of study also covers other aspects of plant chemistry. According to Brandon Canfield, Associate Chemistry Professor, this program, while it may speak to a certain crowd, involves serious work and commitment on the part of the student to be successful.

And with the exponential growth of the cannabis industry, it’s right on time. We would be surprised if other universities, especially in California and Nevada, didn’t go down this road soon as well.

It’s a serious industry worth teaching and studying – both the science of cultivation and the business and marketing side of it as well. In fact, plants are being patented left and right – just like roses.

Currently, about a dozen students are enrolled in the program. In addition to courses in chemistry, biology, botany and horticulture, students will also study marketing and finance. You can find the full article here.

With changing laws surrounding cannabis this may be a degree perfectly suited to jobs in the future. It was recently reported that 2016 saw a 30% increase in sales from the prior year, growing to an astounding 6.7 billion in North American sales.

And, as more and more states legalize marijuana for both medicinal and legal adult use, the Cannabis industry is the new – and probably without the bubble.

Currently, at Pincus Pro Ed, we have several programs focused on marijuana law for attorneys who are interested in expanding their practice into this area of law. In June we held our first cannabis focused program in California and it is available as an audio package.

Just this month we held a fantastic program in Chicago, focusing on the recent changes in the state of Illinois (where it is legal for medicinal use only, but adult use legislation has been introduced). You can find more information on the audio package, as well as testimonials, here.

There are updated programs in the works for 2018 as well. Be sure to stay tuned for more information on that.