Nadine Wichern is Running for Circuit Judge of Cook County Chicago

One of our favorite speakers, NADINE WICHERN, is running for judge for the Circuit Court of Cook County! We highly recommend Nadine for the judgeship!

Nadine has frequently spoken at our programs, enlightening audiences about appellate litigation. These programs include Preserving the Trial Record for Appeal in Illinois Civil Cases, Persuasive Appellate Brief Writing, and our Appellate Practice Boot Camp.

Nadine has been lauded as an exceptional speaker and attorney, with a wealth of knowledge. She has an innate ability to connect with the audience at teach attorneys what they need to know about the subject matter in an understandable, clear and concise manner.

For more than two decades, Nadine has lived in Chicago and has built a prominent career in law dedicated entirely to public service. Nadine was selected for a prestigious clerkship on the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals and a fellowship before the United States Supreme Court. She has also litigated scores of appeals while serving as Chief of the Civil Appeals Division in the Illinois Attorney General’s Office and the City of Chicago’s Department of Law.

Primary elections are on March 19, 2024. Support Nadine at the polls and VOTE!

Ellerese Topacio

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