Probate Litigation 101: The Nuts and Bolts (CA) [Three-Part Webinar Series]

Audio program! (check our CLE Programs page for live versions)

One of our most popular programs, this year our Probate Litigation 101 program will be held as a webinar series held over three days, giving you nine full hours of instruction – all nine hours for half of what our normal one-day in-person program would cost.

Our Probate Litigation 101 program takes an in-depth look at the pre-procedural rules, statutes, and major issues and areas of law that an estate planner needs to handle when dealing with probate litigation. Since so much of probate litigation is the time leading up to actual trial, a large portion of the program will be focused on all of the actions, procedures and tasks you must know about, and accomplish, long before you get to trial. Then, towards the end of the day, you’ll get concrete advice regarding trial procedure and what to expect.

Our speakers will provide practical advice geared to helping you succeed before and at trial.

Our panel includes recently retired probate Judge Mary Thornton House and top-notch practitioners, including CA Bar Certified Legal Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law.

The program is geared towards the attorney who already has an understanding of estate planning law and terms. Litigators with no estate planning experience wanting to know more about this form of litigation may want to order some of our estate planning audio packages to familiarize themselves with the concepts, legal areas, terms and other particularities of estate planning – of which there are a lot – prior to taking this course. Please see our Trusts and Estates 101 program if you’d like an introduction to estate planning law.

Take a quick look at the Testimonials tab above to see what just a few attorneys who have attended this program say about it, including:

“This was a fantastic program, very complete and very substantive. Great panel with great information. I learned a lot which I know will help my practice. The seminar handbook really was like a goldmine of information. ” – Steven A. Friedman, Esq.

“I really enjoyed the content. It appeals to new probate attorneys, attorneys new to litigation, and is a refresher for those who are more experienced.” – Savannah Estenson, Esq.

“My goal was a brief overview of Probate Litigation, with some helpful practice takeaways – both were accomplished!” – Abigail McLaughlin, Esq.

“Well-organized. Very informative. Good Q&A.” – David Kim, Esq.

“Enjoyed the program. Learned a great deal of material…comments from the bench are always helpful.” – Tom Borchard, Esq.

Can’t attend?
This program will be recorded live. The recorded packages, including seminar materials, will be available within two weeks or so, after each live program date. Recorded options include: Webinar Video, Audio only, or Webinar Video and Audio recording both.



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Part I: Tuesday, November 10th
1:00 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. PDT (includes a 10 min break)

Procedure & Timelines

  • Statutory deadlines
    • Estate proceedings
    • Trust proceedings
    • Probate Code 850
  • Local Rules
    • E-Filing!
  • Petitions
  • Motions
  • Ex Partes
  • Citation and Summonses
  • Do’s and Don’ts

Discovery – Differences between Probate and Civil Litigation

  • Probate specific discovery procedures
    • Probate Code § 8870 – Discovery of Decedent’s Property
    • Probate Code § 2616 – Similar procedures for a conservatorship
  • Subpoenaing Records

Types of Actions & Issues 

Capacity & Undue Influence 

  • Presumption of Capacity
  • Probate Code §§ 810-12
  • Estate of Fritschi
  • Capacity to execute trust
    • Anderson v. Hunt
    • Walton v. Bank of CA
    • Lintz v. Lintz
  • Capacity to execute will
    • Probate Code 6100.5
  • Conservatorships (functional capacity)
    • Probate Code 1801 
  • WIC § 15610.70
  • Burden of proof on contestant
  • Estate of Truckenmeiller
  • Elements to establish undue influence
    • Estate of Lingenfelter
    • Estate of Yale
    • Estate of Little (where decedent suffers from debilitating illness, less evidence of pressure might be required)
    • Estate of Allen (where alleged wrongdoer committed undue influence while acting in a fiduciary capacity, the requirements are diminished).
  • Presumption of Undue Influence – Burden shifting
    • David v. Hermann
    • Estate of Rugani
    • Estate of Llewellyn
  • Rebutting Presumption of Undue Influence
    • Clear and convincing evidence
    • Transfer to person who drafted instrument, presumption is conclusive and cannot be rebutted.
    • Unsuccessful rebuttal results in bearing of all costs including reasonable attorney fees.


  • Trust Contests
  • Will Contests / Revocation or Probate
  • Contract to Make a Will


Part II: Thursday, November 12th
1:00 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. PDT (includes a 10 min break)

Types of Actions & Issues (continued)

Removal of Fiduciaries and Accounting Litigation 

  • Appointment of temporary trustee.
    • Demand all communications b/t prior trustee and counsel (Moeller).
  • Probate Code § 17206.
  • Probate Code § 15642(e).
  • Strategy re proposing neutral PPF.
  • Real property – recording interim order.
  • Accounting Litigation
    • From trustee
      • Probate Code §§ 16060-61
      • Probate Code § 17200
      • De facto trustee / Trustee de son tort
      • England v. Winslow 


  • Contested Conservatorships
    • Probate Code § 1800.3
    • Conservatorship of Ramirez
    • Fees – Probate Code § 2640.1
  • Substituted judgment petitions – Probate Code 2580
  • Representing clients with limited capacity


  • Statute of limitations
    • Estate of Yool
    • CCP 366.2 1-year SOL does not apply
  • Real property – lis pendens.
    • Usually not allowed if recovery of property combined with other causes of action seeking damages (BGJ Associates v. Superior Court)
  • 859 Damages 

Financial Elder Abuse 

  • WIC § 15610.3
  • WIC § 15657.5
  • Perlin v. Fountain View Mgmt., Inc.
  • Remedies
  • Probate Code § 859 – double damages

Prohibited Donees – Probate Code § 21380

  • Definitions
  • Drafted / transcribed
  • Care custodian / dependent adult
  • Exclusions
    • Certificate of Independent Review / Independent Attorney

How To Interpret Probate Notes


Part III: Tuesday, November 17th
1:00 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. PDT (includes 10 min break)

Pre-litigation mediation and settlement

  • Petitions to Approve Settlement
  • Demand letter, draft of unfiled petition

Trials and Evidence

  • Final status conference
  • Trial prep
  • Pre-trial deadlines
  • Trial briefs
  • Evidentiary issues
  • Motions in limine
  • Excluding witnesses
  • Order of trial
    • Opening statements
    • Whose case is presented first
    • Order of witnesses / Direct & Cross Examinations
    • Expert witnesses
    • Introduction of Exhibits
    • Objections
    • Closing arguments
  • Attorney-Client Privilege
  • Fiduciaries and Successor Fiduciaries
    • Moeller v. Superior Court
    • Wells Fargo Bank v. Superior Court
    • Eddy v. Fields
    • Borissoff v. Taylor & Faust
  • Holder of privilege after death
    • Evidence Code §§ 953-54.
  • Exceptions
    • Evidence Code § 957.
    • Evidence Code § 958.
    • Evidence Code § 959.
    • Evidence Code § 960.
    • Evidence Code § 961.

Ethics (30 min – .5 Ethics units)

Getting Paid: Attorneys’ Fees and Petitions


Online Course

Part I: Tuesday, November 10, 2020
Part II: Thursday, November 12, 2020
Part III: Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Times for all three sessions:
1:00 p.m. – 4:10 p.m. PDT (includes a 10 min break)

We will send the login details and handout materials a few days before your program.



“Excellent.” – Paul Miller, Esq.

“Totally satisfied. Highly relevant to my practice area.” Justin Otten, Esq.

“Excellent primer. Excellent faculty.” – Ruth Stoner Muzzin, Esq.

“I think it was great to have the insights of a judge.” – Ronda Dixon, Esq.

“Great overview. Speakers were all great!” – Ian Guthrie, Esq.

“Judge House was the best presenter because I loved her real-life, practical experience.” – Cheryl Nelson, Esq.

“This was well done.” – Diane Herring-Ysaguirre, Esq.

“This was a fantastic program, very complete and very substantive. Great panel with great information. I learned a lot which I know will help my practice. The seminar handbook really was like a goldmine of information. ” – Steven A. Friedman, Esq.

“I really enjoyed the content. It appeals to new probate attorneys, attorneys new to litigation, and is a refresher for those who are more experienced.” – Savannah Estenson, Esq.

“My goal was a brief overview of Probate Litigation, with some helpful practice takeaways – both were accomplished!” – Abigail McLaughlin, Esq.

“Well-organized. Very informative. Good Q&A.” – David Kim, Esq.

“Enjoyed the program. Learned a great deal of material…comments from the bench are always helpful.” – Tom Borchard, Esq.

“There were certain areas I had not considered before, but which will be helpful for practicing in both L.A. County and Orange County.” – Austin Borchard, Esq.

“Speakers were super knowledgeable and practical. Learned a few very important nuggets to keep me malpractice free.” – Elizabeth Vozzella, Esq.

“Great presentation! Very relevant. Great panel. Thank you!” – Marta N. Jonsson, Esq.

“All speakers were clear, informative, organized, and engaging. Fantastic panel. Thank you! Content was incredibly relevant and informative. The speakers paced through the amount of information well without sacrificing quality. I am a new practitioner and I appreciate the overview of each topic. Each speaker clarified many practical issues (not just probate concepts): e.g., filing petitions, considering how to handle difficult clients and/or court appearances. Well-organized event. Thank you! I look forward to taking part in more CLE events with Pincus.”

“Loved Lauriann Wright’s real-life case experience and practice tips. She was so helpful.” – Jill Piano, Esq.

“I just started in probate law and this was a wonderfully informative program, and provides a great overview.”

“The program overall was exceptional. The thoroughness of what was covered in the time constraint of one day was well done.”

“Excellent presentations. Speakers were great. Judge Thornton was an excellent, engaging speaker and I felt lucky to have such an experienced judge teaching us. Excellent materials.”

“Great refresher course – highlighted items/issues not used often.”

“Very satisfied.”

“Ethics session was very well done. I enjoyed the hypotheticals.”

“The program was very good.”

“Mr. Saenz was enlightening. Mr. Herbert was well-organized, a good speaker with great advice. Ms. Wright is always great! Animated, interesting, practical and generous with forms. Judge House is always great! She’s personable, practical and knowledgeable, and her delivery is well-organized.”

“It was a really good program.”

“Lauriann presented very useful material. Very entertaining speaker. Robert is awesome. Judge House is a really good speaker with great stories.” – William Benz, Esq.“Great program. Appreciated the focus on practical ‘how-to’.”

“Great opportunity for insight from a sitting judge. Thanks for the tips! Very intensive course with great depth. Covered a lot of smaller issues, and the insight into these, and lesser-known tricks and tips, was great.”

“Really appreciated the judge’s intro and big picture overview at the beginning. Appreciated Edgar Saenz’s cheat sheets.”

“Having Judge House was great!”

“I really enjoyed the dialogue between panelist Judge House and Ms. Wright. Similarly, I liked the panelist discussion between Ms. Bergman and Mr. Saenz.” – Tracy T. Woo, Esq.

“Lauriann Wright was very knowledgeable as to litigation and providing case examples to cover points. Thanks for sharing witness tips!”

“The handout materials are great.”

“Really good handouts.”

“Thank you.” – Phuong Kim Nguyen, Esq.

“I found it very helpful to have the judge’s perspective. The materials are very useful.”

“Excellent overview.”


Hon. Mary Thornton House (Ret.)
Retired Judge / LA Superior Court, Probate Court
Alternative Resolution Centers

Judge House recently retired after 22 years on the Los Angeles Superior Court, where she presided over countless jury and court trials in the Civil and Probate departments. With experience serving as the Supervising Judge of the Northeast and North Central districts, Hub Operations and Assistant Supervising Judge of Civil countywide, Judge House brings a unique and in-depth understanding of all aspects of civil case processing and case values. She is touted for her calm demeanor and unbending graciousness to all that appeared in front of her, as well as her extraordinary and relentless, common-sense approach to settling cases.

Judge House was the first Municipal Court Judge to become a Supervising Judge for the Superior Court in the Northeast District. Elevated in 2000, she presided over mandatory settlement conferences in both limited and general civil matters, reducing the civil caseloads throughout the Northeast and North Central Districts. 

In 2004, she moved to a Civil direct calendar court at the Mosk Courthouse, handling civil matters including personal injury, contract, employment, professional malpractice, asbestos and products liability. She routinely conducted successful settlement conferences for her colleagues and her own matters. She returned to Pasadena in 2010, presiding over Probate and Family/Civil harassment cases. In 2016, she returned to a downtown Probate Department for two years before retiring in 2018. 

Prior to her appointment to the bench, Judge House was an Assistant City Attorney for the City of Los Angeles. Initially, she was a criminal prosecutor, but transferred to the civil branch to defend lawsuits against the City and its employees. Her last five years included advising the Los Angeles City Council, Police Commission and Fire Commission. She successfully defended the City’s Police and Fire departments in high dollar-value and high-profile cases in both federal and state courts. 

Christopher Carico, Esq.
Partner/Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
Carico Macdonald Kil & Benz LLP

Christopher D. Carico is a board certified specialist in estate planning, trust, and probate law with over 30 years of legal experience. His practice includes all facets of trusts and estates, and he represents families, individuals, professional trustees, conservators, guardians, and beneficiaries.

Mr. Carico is one of a handful of California attorneys with expertise in both the estate tax planning and litigation components of trust and estate law. Because of this dual expertise, Mr. Carico is able to design estate planning instruments that can stand up to the closest scrutiny and challenge others’ instruments from the ground level up.

Mr. Carico divides his time between: (1) representing beneficiaries and fiduciaries in dispute resolution, will contests, trusts contests, contested conservatorship, Marvin claims, financial elder abuse actions, challenged accountings, fiduciary surcharge and removal actions, property characterization disputes, and 850 petitions; and (2) counseling clients on advanced estate planning techniques including family limited partnership, family limited liability companies, designated beneficiary trusts, grantor retained annuity and unitrusts, qualified personal residence trusts, intentionally defective grantor trusts, charitable remainder trusts, charitable foundations, self-cancelling installment notes, and life insurance trusts.

Mr. Carico has frequently served as a court-appointed expert to provide his opinions and recommendations to the probate court in the following types of actions: trust reformation proceedings, fiduciary accountings, actions for breach of fiduciary duty, actions for fiduciary suspension and removal, fee petitions, and compromise of creditors’ claims.

Committed to helping individuals resolve trust and estate disputes as quickly and efficiently as possible, Mr. Carico consistently volunteers time as a mediator on the various Court-sponsored pro bono probate mediation panels, and is currently acting as a volunteer Probate Settlement Officer on Los Angeles County Superior Court’s Probate Settlement Conference Panel. Mr. Carico also serves on the Executive Committee for the Trust and Estate Section of the State Bar of California.

Mr. Carico graduated with a J.D. cum laude, from Loyola Law School in Los Angeles, where he was a member of the Order of the Coif. He obtained his B.A in economics from Occidental College.

Robert Eroen, Esq.
Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
Hill, Farrer & Burrill LLP

Mr. Eroen is licensed by the state of California as a Certified Public Accounting (CPA), is certified by the Financial Planning Board of Standards, Inc. as a Certified Financial Planning™ certificant (CFP®) and Certified Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law (CEPTPLS).

Robert Eroen is a seasoned trust, estate and probate attorney who represents professional fiduciaries, trustees, executors, administrators, conservatees, conservators, guardians, beneficiaries and omitted heirs in all probate court related matters. He has handled a wide range of cases from challenging the validity of multi-million dollar trusts to releasing seniors from inappropriate conservatorships, removing renegade trustees and handling international guardianship matters. He is an extremely talented and aggressive litigator.

This diverse background enables Mr. Eroen – and his firm – to provide clients with an unparalleled depth of knowledge, attentive service and the resiliency and cost effectiveness of a smaller firm.  The firm’s specialties include difficult contested estate and trust matters; complex issues of taxation; “accountings gone wrong” and the like.

Daniel B. Herbert, Esq.
Partner/Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP

Daniel B. Herbert is a partner in the law firm of Manning & Kass, Ellrod, Ramirez, Trester LLP, where he has been head of the firm’s trust and estate litigation group since 2005. Previously he was a partner with McKay, Meyer and Herbert, APC, where he was in charge of that firm’s trust and estate litigation for eight years. He has successfully litigated many contested trust and estate matters, including at trial and on appeal, including winning a .4 million judgment at trial and a .1 million appeal in the same day. He is certified by the California Board of Legal Specialization as a specialist in estate planning, trust, and probate law.

Mr. Herbert has made several presentations to attorneys including to the American Bar Association at the 2009 Annual Symposia of its Real Property, Trust & Estate Section in Washington DC (regarding trust and probate litigation); the State Bar of California at its 2014 Summit in Newport Beach (Litigated to Death: How to Sue, Defend, and Settle with the Dead); the Los Angeles County Bar at its Trusts & Estates Symposium in 2015 (ethics for the probate bar); and post-death litigation presentations to civil litigation and trial attorneys in Los Angeles (broadcast live to five other cities) in 2012, 2016.

His presentations for Pincus Professional Education include specialist-certification courses in 2013, 2015; Trust & Estate Boot Camp in 2014; Probate practical course in 2016; Advanced Estate Planning seminar for complicated estates in 2016; and Probate Litigation 101 in 2017 & 2019.

He authored Trustees Face Big Liability published in the Insurance Journal on December 20, 2010, and Last Beneficiary Standing: Identifying Proper Parties in Fiduciary Litigation published in the ABA e/Report in June 2009.

Mr. Herbert is admitted to practice law in the state and federal courts of California (1990), Illinois (1994), and New York (2002), and before the Seventh and Ninth Circuit Courts of Appeal. He graduated cum laude from Whittier Law School in 1990 with many honors and distinctions (Law Review, Dean’s List, Honor Roll, Dean’s Merit Scholarship, and several American Jurisprudence Awards). He is a member of the trust and estate sections of the American Bar Association, California Lawyer’s Association, Illinois State Bar Association, New York State Bar Association, Los Angeles County Bar Association, and Pasadena Bar Association.

Mark A. Lester, Esq.
Jones, Lester, Schuck, Becker & Dehesa, LLP

Attorney Mark A. Lester is an estate planning attorney with extensive experience in a succession planning, probate, trust administration, and trust and estate litigation.  Mr. Lester has received an AV Preeminent rating from Martindale-Hubbell for maintaining the highest standards of professional and ethical excellence in the legal community. He is focused primarily in the following areas of practice: Trust and Estate Litigation; Succession and Estate Planning; Trust Administration and Probate

In a career spanning over 35 years, Mr. Lester is widely recognized for his legal achievements.  He has been certified as an estate planning, trust, and probate law specialist by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization.  He is currently serving as one of 7 members of the Board of Trustees of the California Board of Legal Specialization after 5 years of service as one of the nine (9) appointed commissioners on the State Bar of California, Board of Legal Specialization, Estate Planning Law Advisory Commission, which is responsible for writing, administering and grading the certification examination and approving the application for California attorneys seeking to become California Certified Specialists in Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law. In 2015 through 2019, Mr. Lester has been recognized as a Southern California Super Lawyer™ in Estate & Trust Litigation, in 2015 and 2018 in Estate Planning & Probate, and in 2018 in Corporate and Business areas of the law.

Mr. Lester earned his Bachelor of Arts degree from Stanford University in 1977.  In 1980, he earned his Juris Doctor degree from Seattle University School of Law.  While attending law school, he was Chairman of the Membership Committee of Phi Delta Phi and an Associate Editor for the Puget Sound Law Review, now known as the Seattle University Law Review.  He also received the American Jurisprudence Award in Trusts and Estates.  After graduating from law school, Mr. Lester went on to earn his Master of Laws, or LL.M., Taxation degree from Boston University School of Law in 1981. 

Mr. Lester is a local community leader as well, volunteering for the Ventura County Wellness & Caregiver Resource Center and the golf committee for the Ventura County Council Boy Scouts of America, is currently serving on the Board of Directors for Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles, Inc. and formerly on the Oxnard Police Foundation, and continuing as an Assistant Scoutmaster for Western Los Angeles County Council Boy Scout Troop 485, where three of his sons attained the rank of Eagle Scout. He is also an avid outdoorsman with a fondness for golfing, camping, hiking and RV-ing.

Jeffrey Marvan, Esq.
Marvan Law APC

Jeff Marvan has been practicing law in the State of California since 1999. After graduating from UC Davis, King Hall School of Law, he began his legal career as a public defender in Northern California. As a public defender, Jeff was in court everyday, arguing on behalf of his clients. He engaged in dozens of jury trials and hundreds of contested hearings. Jeff proved himself to be both a fearless advocate and a compassionate counselor. 

Through his experience as a public defender, Jeff developed a deep understanding of the California judicial system. He is at home in the courtroom and conveys a steady confidence and sincere demeanor to both judges and juries. Jeff’s experience in the adversarial court system is a valuable asset if and when cases become litigious.

Over the past three years, Jeff has continued to practice private criminal defense, but has also expanded his legal expertise to estate planning, trust/probate administration, trust/probate litigation, and conservatorship law. Jeff has proven himself to be a highly skilled estate planning attorney. His approach is patient, empathetic, and detail oriented, and he has helped his clients plan for an economically advantageous estate.

Jeff also has extensive experience helping clients navigate the complexities of being an administrator/trustee of a friend or family member’s estate. Clients have consistently commented on Jeff’s compassion and support during these emotionally trying times.

Jeff’s experience as a criminal defense litigator translates quite well into the probate/trust litigation sector. He has proven to be both an effective negotiator and, when necessary, a ferocious litigator to secure his clients’ interests.

Jeff is an active member of the State Bar of California, Los Angeles County Bar Association, Beverly Hills Bar Association, California Public Defenders Association, and LACBA Barristers Domestic Violence Project.

Edgar Saenz, Esq.
Principal/Certified Legal Specialist in Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law
Law Office of Edgar Saenz

Edgar Saenz is a Los Angeles estate planning attorney and graduate of Stanford Law School.   He is a member of several bar trust and estate sections.  He serves on numerous community and professional boards, including past president of the Westchester Rotary Club (2013-2014) board member of the LAX Area Chamber of Commerce.  Edgar is rated AV by Martindale Hubbell.

Edgar has performed pro bono legal services for the Los Angeles Center for Law and Justice and other nonprofits. 

He has been a judge pro tem with the Los Angeles County Superior Court.


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November 10, 12, and 17, 2020 | Three-Part Webinar Series


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