Preserving Trial Errors for Appeal (Illinois) (WEB)

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If you are a trial attorney (or an appellate attorney who advises trial attorneys), you absolutely must know how to properly preserve your record for appeal. Failure to preserve an error correctly can doom an appeal – even when the error is quite clear.

We hold a lot of appellate programs here at Pincus and one of the things appellate attorneys tell us is about how frequently errors are not preserved on appeal.

If you take this webinar, you will not make that mistake again.

Policy Director in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office, Paul Castiglione, will walk you through the right steps needed to preserve error and past the traps and pitfalls that can mean loss of an appeal, no matter how strong a case you may have on the merits. Paul will walk you through the right steps needed to preserve error and past the traps and pitfalls that can mean loss of an appeal, no matter how strong a case you may have on the merits. You will learn about raising a timely and proper objection, making an offer of proof, making a specific request and submitting motions, among other things.

This program will cover Illinois law only.

Extra benefit! All attendees receive a free copy of the webinar as a download within 24 hours of the program.

Can’t attend? This program will be recorded live on August 21 & 23, 2018 and will be available on August 24th. Be sure to pre-order it using the button to the right!

What You Will Learn

This agenda is tentative and may change slightly – check back soon for changes!

    • What must be in initial pleadings
    • Necessary steps in making and responding to
      • Demurrers, motions to strike, motions for judgment on the pleadings
      • Motions for summary judgment and summary adjudication
    • Disqualification of a judge
      • For cause
      • Peremptory
    • Motions in limine
    • Motion to reconsider or renewed motion
    • Jury instructions
      • Form and content of special instructions
      • Common errors
      • Preserving record of instructional requests and rulings
    • Jury selection
    • Evidentiary and other objections: make ‘em or lose ‘em.
    • Making a proper offer of proof
    • Getting exhibits in the record
    • Dealing with misconduct of counsel, judge or jury
    • Verdict
    • Statement of decision
      • Appellant´s need for statement of decision
      • Proper procedure to obtain a statement of decision
      • Common errors in requesting a statement of decision
    • Obtaining the judgment in jury and bench trials
    • Post-trial motions: similarities, differences and correct uses and procedures
      • New trial motion
      • Motion to vacate judgment and enter different judgment.
      • Motion for Judgment Notwithstanding Verdict (JNOV)
    • Relief from default
    • Appealable judgments and orders
    • Procedure to appeal


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Webinar: August 21 & 23, 2018

12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Central Time (both days)



Paul A. Castiglione, Esq.
Executive Assistant State’s Attorney for Policy
Office of the Illinois State Attorney

Paul A. Castiglione is the Policy Director in the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. Mr. Castiglione has engaged in general practice in the state and federal courts in the Chicago area from 1987 through the present. Mr. Castiglione has a B.A. from Yale University and a J.D. from the Notre Dame Law School.

In his legal career, Mr. Castiglione has worked in both the private and the public sector. In 1987, Mr. Castiglione joined the firm of Joyce & Kubasiak, P.C. as an associate attorney and practiced general civil litigation. In 1994, Mr. Castiglione joined the Civil Actions Bureau of the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office. In this position, Mr. Castiglione concentrated his practice in governmental, commercial, tax, labor, telecommunications, contract procurement and civil rights litigation with an emphasis in appellate practice, class actions, federal and state constitutional claims and cases involving preliminary and permanent injunctive relief. Mr. Castiglione has litigated cases in the circuit courts in Cook, DuPage and Lake Counties and the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois and has argued appeals in the Illinois Appellate Court, the Illinois Supreme Court, the United States Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit and the United States Supreme Court.

In September 2009, State’s Attorney Anita Alvarez named Mr. Castiglione Executive Assistant State’s Attorney for Policy.

CLE Credits

Illinois General: This program is pending approval for 2.0 units of general CLE in Illinois.

CA General: This program is approved for 2.0 units of general CLE in California.

CA Certified Legal Specialist: This program is approved for 2.0 units of Certified Legal Specialist CLE in Appellate Law in California.


All attendees receive a free copy of the webinar as a download within 24 hours of the program.

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August 21 & 23, 2018 | Noon – 1pm Central Time

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