Presentation Skills Webinar: Panels and Moderating – How to Do a Better Job Speaking (WEB)

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Ahhh, the “panel.” The bane of most presentation attendees’ and program planners’ existence. Why do we say that you ask? Because unless panelists mix it up a bit, listening to a bunch of talking heads is pretty boring.

So that’s your job – to ensure the panel is interesting, coordinated and interactive. Attend this webinar to learn how to have an interesting panel and be an interesting panelist.

Don’t miss this practical, interesting webinar by one of the leading public speaking trainers for attorneys and executives, Faith Pincus.

Your audience will be happy you took it.

Be Heard. The Next Time. Every Time.

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Want to know what others think about Faith’s presentation skills seminars? Hit the “Testimonials” tab above. Here’s just a sneak peak:

“Most memorable speaker I’ve heard in a long time. Very satisfied.” Leticia Magdaleno, Esq.

“Engaging speaker; Very good content. Drop-dead dynamic delivery.” John Tolomei, Esq.

“Great delivery techniques and preparation methods that I had never heard of or heard packaged in such a way. I felt very engaged in the presentation and was excited to use this information in the future. Thank you!   P.S. I will leave this CLE feeling more confident, prepared and ready for oral argument.” Janice J. Evans

“I learned many practical tips for various forms of speaking engagements. Very helpful and enjoyable presentation – entertaining and informative.” Mark Swantek, Esq.

“Faith is a great speaker and the content was great!” Jessica Bednarz, Esq.

“Instructive. Knowledgeable. Educational.” Eric Alvine, Esq.

“Excellent content and delivery.” Kevin P. Camden, Esq.


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What You Will Learn

  • Panel speech planning – playing well with others
  • Panel speech planning – working with the organizers so you get what you want and they get what they want
  • Delivery tips when on a panel – how is this day different from all other speech days?
  • Moderating the panel – how is this role different from all other panel roles?  (And how do you get it right?)
  • Conference call/webinar tips – why you can’t rely on the same ‘ol same ‘ol speaking style when giving a presentation on a conference call/webinar


These are just a few of the comments attendees and clients have made about Faith Pincus’ Public Speaking related Seminars, In-House Training Programs and Coaching Sessions:

“Faith is the best executive coach on the planet…I have worked with her before and she is unbelievably talented. I cannot begin to tell you how much she helped me…I plan to use Faith for more coaching for my senior staff and me. She does terrific group presentations as well as one on one. I used her when I was the Executive Director for the American Diabetes Association and the staff there, to this day, tell me it was the best coaching/learning experience they have ever had.” – Jane Warner, President & CEO, American Lung Association in CA

“I attended the Public speaking seminar given by Faith this morning here in San Diego. First off, I would like to say that I thought she did a great job and conveyed some very useful information. My next oral argument or public speaking engagement will be much improved as a result of my attendance. I thought it was time and money well spent.” Les Robertson, Esq.

“As a professional speaker, I expected to come away with some tips from Faith. In fact, I came away with a ton of tips to use immediately to improve my programs. Both speakers were interesting, entertaining and totally engaging.” Irwin Karp, Productive Time

“One of the few seminars [I’ve attended] that accomplished what was described.”

“Excellent program. Concise, but filled with all of the practical tips that every attorney should know and practice – not just new attorneys, but those of us who think we know but have forgotten the basics of communication.” Chris Hersey, Esq., Miller Morton Caillat & Nevis LLP

“In the workshop, you quickly helped attorneys break old habits and transform their presentations, while boosting their confidence in their public speaking skills.” – Anthony Grumbach, Director of Professional Development, Farella Braun + Martel

“As an attorney of 30 years experience, I rate this as one of the finest learning experiences for anyone practicing litigation.” – Anthony Gordon, Esq.

“Superb! One of the best CLE courses I’ve ever attended.” James King

“I’d hoped to enhance my trial presentation skills and that objective was definitely achieved.” James McGlamery, Esq.

“In reality, the class material and presentation exceeded expectations.” – Sharon A. Sakamoto, Esq.

“A 3 1/2 hour bang for the buck!” – Karen D. Hill, Esq.

“I want to personally thank you for your help in preparing for my presentation for the National Conference on Equine Law. Thanks to your video tips and the suggestions you gave me on the phone, my presentation was a great success! I had numerous people tell me… my presentation was the best … ” – Alison Rowe, Esq. Texas

“Excellent job! I have been practicing law for nearly 30 years and your analysis and suggestions were very informative. The course should be required for all attorneys.” – David Birka-White, Esq.

“Excellent job!!! We were all very impressed and most importantly, we learned a lot. It really brought the rest of our day together.” – Jane Warner, Executive Director, American Diabetes Association

“Faith is animated and enthusiastic, and that’s infectious.” – Kevin McKeown, LexBlog, Inc.

“Excellent and the content was exactly what I was looking for. There was no wasted time, I learned a lot, and I was inspired to take the recommended actions!” – Marcia Augsburger, Esq.

“Because of this seminar I am more confident about my speaking abilities and I also have practical tools that I can implement to help me continue to improve. Bravo Pincus!” – Karen Simpson, Esq.

“This was an excellent presentation. The material was well-organized and memorable. The actual presentation exemplified the material. You not only told us what to do, you were showing us at the same time.” – George Kresovich, Esq.

“I wanted to develop more confidence in my speaking and this program gave me the tools to increase the effectiveness of my presentation skills and gave me more confidence.” – Jeremy Glaser, Esq. Morrison & Foerster

“It has been great… my goal is to be a more effective speaker and I feel much more comfortable giving a presentation now.” – Jim Horen

“I was extremely pleased and my personal expectations were exceeded. Excellent materials. The literature was right on! I am at a loss to provide suggestions for improvement. Your seminar was incredible.” – Mark Abraham, Esq. Chicago, IL

“The program exceeded my expectations. The variety of learning experiences – small group coaching and one-on-one coaching was very helpful. I know I have improved as a result of the program. It also took a lot of the anxiety out of the preparation by giving me concrete tools, strategies and tips to use.” – Erica A. Rogina, Esq. Chicago, IL

“Great tips for litigators.” Julia Wei

“One of the best CLE presentations I have been to in a long time.”

“I stopped commuting years ago – it is rarely worth it. This time it was!”

“The speaker is outstanding!” – Thomas P. Ward, Esq.

“I must give 2-3 presentations [each] year. This seminar gave me extremely helpful advice to improve my evaluation scores!”

“Incredible. Very insightful and a keen instinct for people’s strengths and weaknesses.” – Mark Abraham, Esq.

“Very well done and helpful for all day to day business communication.” – Stan Lazar, Esq.

“It is quite obvious that she knows her topic very well and can deliver it well.” – Katrina S. Zafiro, Esq.

“Awesome job… Thank you!” – Melissa Roth, Esq.

“I very much enjoyed the one-on-one coaching and the small group format. The critical comments were extremely helpful. The stop/start technique was especially helpful to me. The two-day program was appropriate.” – Dan Anders, Esq.

“Real life speaking experiences with expert coaching will help me to focus my presentations in and out of court. We received valuable tips. It was amazing to see the improvements. It was fun and educational.” T. Sisul, Esq. Chicago, January 2011.

“I learned the importance of tone, emphasis and learned about my characteristics when speaking.” J. Driscoll, Esq. Chicago, January 2011.

“Excellent! Engaging, helpful, organized.” – Erica A. Rogina, Esq.

“This was my first time taking a public speaking seminar. I just wanted to be aware of basic skills to help enhance my ability to present in the board room. This was an excellent experience!” – Lisette Kelly, Esq.

“Very exciting speaker and teacher. Engaging and dynamic.” – Dianna Mitchell, Esq.

“You are very engaging and pleasant to spend two days with!”

“Excellent oratory skills and presentation style.” – Lisette Kelly, Esq.

“This was an excellent program!” – Peter Bonis, Esq.

“One on one coaching is great – keeping the group small is a huge benefit!” – Jeremy Glaser, Morrison and Foerster

“Extremely useful and enjoyable. Fresh, organized approach to public speaking.”

“Very well presented. You are quite accomplished, great energy, lots of direct and practical tips.” – Randy Holliday, Esq.

“Faith Pincus speaks eloquently and effectively on a key topic to all lawyers: how to make oneself a successful public speaker. In a few short hours, Faith gave all our firm’s lawyers a basic skill set they will carry with them for the rest of their careers.” – Scott McNutt, Esq. McNutt & Litteneker, LLP, San Francisco

“What I loved most about the program was that it was less of a lecture and more of a workshop… I learned how to improve my public speaking skills with easy to implement tips in a relatively short amount of time.” – Karen Simpson, Esq.

“Very good – I’ll use your techniques in court, CLE, and community events.” – Cynthia M. Reed, Esq.

“I just gave my first presentation using the principles you taught and it made a BIG difference! Now, I didn’t do EVERYTHING you taught… but I did restructure that presentation into 3 concepts… made lots of eye contact and used great summary intros and conclusions… it went very well. Thanks again for your seminar!” – Caroline Galanty, Asst. General Counsel, Bank of America Legal Dept.

“I really enjoyed the presentation. I will recommend to co-workers.” – Barbara Harper, Esq.

“Extremely polished and effective, yet very natural, funny, and engaging.” – E. Denise Schissler, Esq.

“The program was very useful and well organized.” – Karla Y. Pleitez, Public Counsel

“Excellent! Very practical on any level; clear; well organized.” – Sharon A. Sakamoto, Esq.

“Very well done.” – Corrine Dixon


Faith Pincus, Esq.
Pincus Communications, Inc.

Faith Pincus is an accomplished and experienced speaker who will boost your self-confidence and give you the tools you need to succeed at public speaking. Faith has trained CEO’s, attorneys, elected and appointed officials, candidates, and management at non-profit associations for more than two decades.

As a licensed attorney and former Federal Law Clerk she is also uniquely positioned to understand the speaking skills required of attorneys.

Faith has an innate ability to see what works in the public speaking context. She has an unbridled passion for public speaking and for helping people become better communicators. Faith is an expert in the art of persuasion and an accomplished speechwriter.

Her book, tentatively titled “Be Heard: Public Speaking for Attorneys,” will be published by the American Bar Association soon and multiple DVDs related to public speaking skills are currently available online.

Prior to opening Pincus Communications, Inc. and Pincus Professional Education, Faith ran more than 25 political campaigns, including campaigns for congress, the California state assembly and senate, and various mayoral, city council and county supervisor races throughout California. When she was a political consultant, Faith created public affairs campaigns for a variety of industries, corporations and associations.

It was here that Faith first acquired her passion for helping people become public speakers, as she wrote speeches and trained candidates in speaking skills.

Faith previously taught communication courses at the university level, including rhetoric (persuasion), public speaking, and interpersonal and small group communication. She has published a variety of articles on communication and persuasion, including an analysis of major war announcement speeches.

Faith has a Masters in Communication from the California State University at Fresno and a Juris Doctorate from the University of Iowa. She is a former Judicial Law Clerk for the Honorable Oliver W. Wanger of the United States District Court, Eastern District of California and a Member of the Order of the Coif. Ms. Pincus litigated for one of the top AmLaw 20 law firms before creating Pincus Communications, Inc. and Pincus Professional Education.

Be sure to check out Faith’s blog at and like her at



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CLE Credit

CA General:  This program is approved for 1.0 units of general CLE in California.

Please note: Our recorded webinars are self-study only. Participatory credits are not available for this program.

This program is approved for CLE in the states listed above.  Upon request, Pincus Pro Ed will provide any information an attorney needs to support their application for CLE approval in other states other than what is listed above.


Terms and Policies

Recording policy: No audio or video recording of any program is permitted.

Seminar Cancellations: Should you be unable to attend for any reason, please inform us in writing no later than 14 days prior to the event and a credit voucher will be issued. If you prefer, a refund, less a $50 non-refundable deposit, will be issued. No refunds or credits will be given for cancellations received within 14 days of an event. However, if you notify us within 14 days of an event, and wish to convert your in-person attendance registration to an Audio CD package (with handout), we can do so. A small additional shipping charge, and sales tax in CA, will be incurred. No shipping charge is incurred for downloads. We will also issue a voucher for the amount paid if you notify us within 14 days and prefer not to have the audio recording.

Substitutions may be made at any time.

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Downloads are non-returnable/non-refundable once purchased and received. Tapes, CDs and DVDs are returnable for a full refund or replacement if defective, within 90 days of purchase.

Reminder: The room temperature at hotels and other seminar locations are notoriously hard to control. Please bring a sweater or jacket in case it gets cold and/or layer as if you are going to the movies so you are comfortable.

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