Negotiation Skills for Women Webinar Package Deal: Parts I – IV (WEB)

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Negotiation Skills for Women Four-Part Series Overview:

Defining negotiation as a “conversation leading to agreement,” the She Negotiates training permits women to use their existing strengths and to refine what they do naturally to keep human and work relations running smoothly in midst of the competitive win-lose environment that permeates far too much of American commerce.

Women who have taken our courses have said it transformed all of their relationships, resulting in raises up to 40% of their existing salaries, doubled or tripled their fees, and made all their relationships with friends, spouses and children much, much better.

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This package deal includes the entire four-part webinar:

Part I: Asking for and Getting What You Deserve without Gender “Blow Back”

Learn the implicit biases that prevent women from asking and business from delivering gender-neutral recompense in salaries and fees.

This session covers your unconscious negotiating style, the five primary contentious negotiation tactics used in business and the law, the research on the internal and external biases that keep us from learning and maximizing our true market value, and the most effective “win-win” bargaining strategy – interest-based, mutual benefit negotiation.

Part II: Asking Diagnostic Questions and Mastering the Basic Negotiation Principles of Framing and Anchoring

This session teaches you how to ask diagnostic questions to learn your bargaining partner’s needs, desires, fears, preferences and priorities for the purpose of framing your proposals in a manner that satisfies those interests. While contentious negotiation tactics (shaming, ingratiation, persuasive argumentation, gamesmanship, threats and promises) are useful to convince another to do something he doesn’t want to do, interest-based strategies allow you to let the other side “have its own way” while at the same time getting exactly what you want. You will also learn how to use the power of framing an anchoring to “win” every negotiation, whether it’s a settlement conference, mediation or compensation negotiation.

Part III: Introduction to the Most Sophisticated Negotiation Strategies and “at the table” Tactics in use at Fortune 500 Companies and AmLaw200 Firms Today

This session will teach you log-rolling, how to build a “golden bridge,” effectively planning a concessions and reciprocity strategy, the use of contingent concessions, how to build and maintain trust and closing. We will also cover the principles of bracketing and the use of mediators’ proposals in settlement discussions.

Part IV: Using your negotiation skills to grow your business or assume greater leadership responsibilities with the increases in income and stature that accompany those achievements

In this session, we take the knowledge learned in the first three sessions to build your book of business, increase your visibility in firm leadership, negotiating origination credit, ascending from association to non-equity and from non-equity to equity partnership. You will also learn how to use interest-based negotiation to resolve disputes in the workplace and at home.



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What You Will Learn

Part I: Asking for and getting what you deserve without the gender “Blow Back”

  • Your unconscious negotiating style
  • 5 contentious negotiation tactics
  • Biases that keep us from learning our “true market value”
  • The most effective bargaining strategies

Part II: Asking diagnostic questions and mastering the basic negotiation principles of framing and anchoring

  • Learn to ask “diagnostic” questions
  • Framing your proposal to meet the needs of your bargaining partner
  • Allowing the other to “have it their way” while getting exactly what you want
  • Using the power of framing and anchoring to “win” every negotiation

Part III: Introduction to the most sophisticated negotiation strategies and “at the table” tactics in use at Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw200 firms today

  • Building a “golden bridge”
  • Planning a concession and reciprocity strategy
  • How to build and maintain trust
  • Principles of bracketing
  • The use of mediators’ proposals in settlement discussions

Part IV: Using your negotiation skills to grow your business or assume greater leadership responsibilities with the increases in income and stature that accompany those achievements

  • Building your book of business and increasing your visibility in firm leadership
  • Ascending to partnership
  • Learn interest-based negotiation to resolve disputes in the workplace and at home



Victoria Pynchon, Esq.
Complex Commercial Mediator
She Negotiates

Victoria Pynchon turned her considerable analytic skill, business acumen and intuitive talent to a full-time neutral practice after twenty-five years of complex, multi-party litigation practice. 

Ms. Pynchon earned her LL.M in dispute resolution at the prestigious Straus Institute in 2006 and is now an Adjunct Professor there.  In connection with that program, Ms. Pynchon co-mediated mandatory settlement conferences with her co-panelists, Judge Alexander Williams, III and the Hon. Victoria Chaney.  Ms. Pynchon is a neutral with the Dispute Resolution Provider, Judicate West, serves on the insurance coverage specialty panel for the International Institute for Conflict Prevention and Resolution, and is a Settlement Officer for the United States District Court for the Central District of California.  

Victoria Pynchon is also the author of the Settle It Now Negotiation Blog.



Save over $280 by ordering the bundle!

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