Immigration 101: The Nuts and Bolts (Recorded Packages)

Audio program! (check our CLE Programs page for live versions)

Our Immigration 101 four-part webinar is essential for any attorney new, or somewhat new, to their immigration practice. It’s also great for anyone who needs a refresher or would like to add new types of immigration cases to their practice.

For a total of 14 hours of instruction, you can’t get this level of instruction at this price.

This program is packed full of information and practical advice.

In Part 1 we start with a critical overview of law and terms. Then we’ll cover employment based non-immigrant and immigrant related visas.

In Part 2, we will explain consular processing, cover family visas and end with a detailed discussion of removal, relief, and bonds.

In Part 3, we’ll cover bars to admissibility and waivers, then motions and appeals. Part 4 will cover citizenship and naturalization, refugee and asylum law, and end with opening and managing your practice tips.

As you can see, this is a comprehensive program for newer immigration attorneys, or those who would like a refresher, or want to learn about practice areas they don’t yet handle.

Past Immigration 101 attendees have found these Pincus programs invaluable  – click on the testimonials/reviews tab to read just a few.


This program was recorded live on February 23 & 25, 2021 and March 9 & 11, 2021. The recorded packages are now available in audio or video format and includes seminar materials.*

* The Video recording is a video of the webinar (including sound). The Audio recording is audio only, for those who wish to listen to it without visuals (such as in the car). You can also purchase both formats together. Note: All downloads must be downloaded to a computer first, before transferring them to another device.


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What You Will Learn


Broad Introduction, Resources and Important Terms

  • Authorities:
    • USCIS
    • ICE
    • CBP
    • Department of Homeland Security
    • US Department of Justice – Immigration Court
    • US Department of State -Embassies
    • US Department of Labor
  • Governing Law: The interplay between Immigration laws and policy

Terms of Art

  • Immigrant vs. Non-Immigrant;
  • Visa vs. Status
  • Inadmissibility vs. Deportability
  • Who is considered not legally in the US?
  • Unlawfully Present, Out of Status or both?

Non-Immigrant Visas

  • H-1B visas/status and Labor Condition Applications (LCAs)
  • L-1 visas/status
  • Other nonimmigrant categories, including B, E, F, J, K, O, R, S, T, TN, and U
  • Visa Waiver Program
  • Rules of chargeability
  • Waivers of inadmissibility: 212(e), 212(d)

Employment Based Immigrant Visas and Employment Enforcement

  • Employment-based (EB 1-5) immigrant visa
  • categories
  • Labor certifications
  • Employer compliance (INA 274A)
  • Priority Dates


Consular Processing and Procedures

  • Consular processing v. Adjustment of Status
  • Arriving aliens and reentry doctrine
  • Affidavits of support
  • Reentry permits and abandonment of LPR status
  • Parole-in-place
  • Burden of proof

Family Based Immigrant Visas

  • Family-based immigrant visa categories
  • Marriage fraud (including 204(c))
  • Adjustment of status (INA 245(a), (c), (k) and (i))
  • Conditional Permanent Resident status
  • Violence Against Women Act
  • Child Status Protection Act
  • Affidavits of support

Removal, Relief and Bonds

  • Removal Proceedings
  • Criminal grounds of removability
  • Other grounds of removability
  • Relief:
    • Cancellation of Removal (LPR & Non-LPR)
    • Asylum/Withholding/CAT
    • NACARA
    • 212(c)
    • INA § 237(a)(1)(H) waiver
    • Voluntary Departure
    • Temporary Protected Status
    • AOS
    • Suspension of Deportation
  • Expedited removal (INA 235(b) and 238)
  • Executive actions and prosecutorial discretion
  • Bonds
    • Eligibility, Jurisdiction
    • Redeterminations and Conditions
    • Mandatory Detention
    • Rodriguez Hearing
  • Reinstatement of removal orders


Bars to Admissibility & Waivers

  • Criminal activity (INA 212(a)(2))
  • Misrepresentation (INA 212(a)(6)(C)
  • Unlawful presence (INA 212(a)(9))
  • Other inadmissibility grounds
  • Waivers of inadmissibility (212(h), 212(i), 212(a)(9)(B)(v), 212(e), 212(d))
  • Application to apply for admission after removal, I-212

Motions and Review

  • In absentia hearings and orders
  • Motions to reopen/reconsider/remand/ terminate in removal proceedings
  • Other agency actions
  • Administrative Appeals (BIA, AAO, BALCA)
  • Judicial deference to administrative actions and orders (Chevron and Brand X)
  • Federal Court jurisdiction
  • Federal District Court actions
  • Federal Court of Appeals review


Naturalization and Citizenship

  • Good moral character
  • Residence and physical presence
  • Naturalization procedure (including administrative and court review)
  • Acquisition of citizenship (current law only)
  • Child Citizenship Act and pre-CCA derivative naturalization

Refugee and Asylum

  • Bars to asylum
  • Eligibility to asylum
  • Credible Fear v. Reasonable Fear
  • Hot issues: Particular Social Groups
  • Withholding
  • Convention Against Torture

How to Set up and Manage an Immigration Practice

  • What to do when someone walks in the door
  • Where to go for more information, what are your resources as a practitioner?
    • Resources, Books, Forms Programs, etc.
  • Best practices on handling your immigration cases




The following testimonials are from our 2021 Immigration 101 webinar:

“The program was informative and well organized. The speakers had a great depth of knowledge in their field.” Julie Katz

“ I really enjoyed this first part of the Immigration Webinar. The speakers delivered relevant information that will help those looking to further their Immigration Law Practice.” Michael R Joyce

“Good general overview and introduction to immigration law.” Jessica McGuire

“Speakers worked well together to convey all important information.” William K Hedrick

“Informative, well presented, the degree of detail was great. Well worth the investment.” Julie Katz, Esq.

“Very good overview. This has given me ideas as to particular areas in which I would be interested in concentrating.” Jessica McGuire

“Excellent. Content was excellent. I thought the content choices were well chosen.” Julie Katz, Esq.

“Very practical tips that can be immediately put to practice.” Julie Katz, Esq.

“Great overview of immigration laws. I learned a lot.” Jessica McGuire, Esq.

“Overall , excellent content. Learned a great deal about portions of immigration work that I’ve not experienced in the past.”

“The program has been excellent so far. I found much of the informative helpful. The questions were also good and I liked that the speakers addressed them as they came in. I took notes on the information provided and actually some of the information delivered will be helpful to my current practice.”

“Very informative and the material was fully covered.”

“The handouts seem great and there were a lot of great tips shared.”

“Good information. Good overview.”

“Very educational and well presented. Good coverage of the practical aspect.”

“Great program.”

“They did a wonderful job- very detailed!”

“Got very good and useful summary of everything.”

“Great start to the multi day program. Speakers were informative, well organized and interesting.”

“Good information. Good overview.”

“Good program.”

“Received the survey commentary I sought. Speakers are a good team.”

“Great program.”

“It was great…as a whole, very good.”

“Great program.”

“I am satisfied because the speakers and the content are helpful to someone like me that wants to go into a different area of the law practice.”

“The speakers were good. Good coverage of basic subject matter.”

“Very thorough. Speakers explained the content well.”

“Very informative session.”

“So far, the program is excellent.”

“Very well organized and easy walk-thru of the immigration system.”

“Overall – a cascade of information!”

“Speakers were clearly very knowledgeable.”

“Good general overview and introduction to immigration law. I learned about different types of visas.”

“Very good program.”

“This was a terrific and comprehensive program.”

“Overall program was great. Despite being a dense and tough topic, the speakers did a great job.”

“I am impressed by the amount of information presented. I can see that I would have to do much more research to truly understand many of the topics. I think that’s unavoidable due to the amount of information and time constraints.”

“Your support staff, especially Renee in LA were terrific in assisting me to overcome my sign in, computer speaker, and alternate sound solutions.”

“Overall good, very helpful.”

“I thought it was very good. Speakers very competent and kept my interest.

“Very detailed and comprehensive. Great presenters. The knowledge base was terrific and the speakers shared tips and resources.”

“Excellent. Content was excellent. I thought the content choices were well chosen.

“Very informative, good speakers.”

“Today’s speakers seemed informed and organized… especially Piibe and Santana.”

“Excellent. Very knowledgeable speakers. Efficient, good pace. Area covered fairly well in time allocated.”

“Excellent presentation, a lot of information. Very educational.”

“I’m getting a general sense of the field. Good overview of a very complex area of law.”

“Having the handouts beforehand was very helpful in terms of taking notes. Thank you! Accessibility with the question is done well…having the speakers see our questions, but not the whole group is good so that we are not distracted. Bravo. Outlines and content were well formulated and thought through before the family law and the Removal section.”

“Very good speakers, good content.”

“Speakers had a lot of great information.”

“Very good overview.”

“Excellent program- a lot of material.”

“Very interesting and informative. The degree of detail was great.”

“Great program. Very educational.”

“Again, another day of comprehensive information from knowledgeable presenters.”

“Lots of information! In general, I think it’s very well presented.”

“Very good speakers, good content.”

“Great job. While technical, they did a great job explaining it for the first-time immigration practitioners.”


Below are testimonials from multiple Immigration 101 programs held around the country. The speakers teaching this program taught at several of the programs listed below and this program’s agenda is the same or almost the same.

The following testimonials are from our previous Immigration 101 courses held in Florida:

“Amazing!!! It really increased my interest in pursuing more immigration law; Great resources!!!” – Yamilette Rivera, Esq.

“Excellent presentation of topics. Very good overview.” – Lisa Thompson, Esq.

“Great CLE.” – Alex Farris, Esq.

“Great to hear these experts speak. Absolute expert lecturing.” – Vincent Miller, Esq.

”I wanted an entry-level, basic introduction to Immigration Law and that’s what I got. I was very impressed by the quality of the presenters. They were all experts in their field and were effective in sharing their wide knowledge base with us.” – Laura delaz Cabrera, Esq.

“This class was simply phenomenal. Thank you!” – Gisela Rodrigues, Esq.

“Great overview – learned a lot. Great speakers.” – Joshua Aguilar, Esq.

“I was very satisfied with the program… Very good information and tips!” – Luis Alvan, Esq.

“Very satisfied.” – Edward Ramos, Esq.

“Great!” – Laura Fonseca, Esq.

”Speakers were extremely knowledgeable and willing to answer even the simplest question. Felt as though it was a comprehensive introduction to a complicated subject.” – Lauren Bebek, Esq.

“Very informative. I learned a lot!” – Isaura Gomez, Esq.

“Great overview of the visas!” – Sherine Makar, Esq.

“Great speakers. I received a lot of clarification as a paralegal…Thanks!” – Shirley M. Quesada Rivera

“Great big-picture overview of practicing Immigration Law.”

“Excellent overview.” – D. Halper, Esq.

“Absolutely satisfied with the course and the information I received from it.” – S. Wilkerson, Esq.

“I haven’t felt this excited about practicing law in a while – can’t wait to get my feel wet!” – K. Rosenchal, Esq.

“Great! All of them explained every single question.” – F. Cervantes, Esq.

“The program ran very well. The speakers were great and experienced in their field. They were very helpful and answered questions one-on-one.” – Dina Hunter, Esq.

“Very informative and useful information.” – E. Samet, Esq.

“Very educational and great speakers!” – C. Perez, Esq.

“Great insight.” – E. Rafael Hahn, Esq.

“It was a good intro into immigration.” – D. Duckett, Esq.

“Very good and knowledgeable speakers.” – B. Mittelberg, Esq.

“Good course. I’m glad I came…” – A. Rivera, Esq.

“I would like to get into immigration law. This seminar was a great introduction.”

“I found the seminar very informative.” – Pedro A. Lopez, Esq.

“All of the speakers were great, the information was invaluable.”

“The speakers and content were great.”

“Good material and presenters.”

“Great speakers. I wish there was more time.”

“Thorough primer on relevant topics in this field.”

“Very good overview of the entire topic. Given that it was only two days, the speakers did a great job with providing the relevant details.”

“The speakers are amazing and the topics are excellent.”

“Excellent – great presenters, very knowledgeable.”

“Great CLE.”

“Great examples. Straight forward and easy to follow.”

“Great seminar!”

“Very good overview.”


“The panel was very knowledgeable.”

“The material given was wonderful.”

“Great speaker. Extremely knowledgeable.”

The following testimonials are from some of our previous Immigration 101 courses held in California:

“Excellent experience; good job!” – Gulomjon Azimov, Esq.

“It was an incredibly helpful overview of immigration! Thank you!” – Yana Loboda, Esq.

“Excellent!” Donald Garrard, Esq.

“Excellent forms for intake interview. Informative/interesting discussion on family visa requests. This MCLE was an excellent start for me. Thank you.” – William Olzman, Esq.

“All speakers were knowledgeable and skilled. Delivered very good and relevant information. – Ronald A. Cabanayan, Esq.

“Great overview. Thanks! I work in a niche area of immigration law and wanted a base for other types of visas. Great seminar.”

“Excellent staff and fantastic speakers. 5-Star program. Very satisfied with panels, content, and hotel location. Pincus Staff were very professional and extremely competent; ALL of the attorney presenters were erudite, highly-experienced, and very interesting – some of the best I’ve heard. The overall quality of the entire program was excellent.”

“It was great and I learned a lot. It was an awesome experience, thank you!” – Ismael Rosas, Esq.

“As a new attorney to immigration law I was satisfied with the program because it provided a great overview of immigration laws. I chose this particular seminar because of the comprehensive nature of the agenda and I appreciated that so many topics within immigration were covered.”

“Good overview of complex subject matter. Of great relevance and most compelling.” – Martie Leys, Esq.

“Overall I thought that the seminar was helpful and informative.” – April Perez, Esq.

“Green, Damast, and Piibe were fabulous. Lots of energy, extremely knowledgeable, and their material was informative.” – David A. Torres, Esq.

“Everything was well explained.” – Aaron Caspar, Esq.

“Incredible roster of speakers.” – Serrano Margaret, Esq.

“Fantastic! Really enjoyed the very clear discussion of issues relevant to day-to-day practice. Thank you!”

“Extremely up-to-date with current immigration matters.”

“Truly enjoyed all the speakers and topics.”

“Stewart really knows her stuff and explains it well. Good balance of legal requirements and practice tips. Ludwig’s practical tips were good.”

“Excellent seminar. Each speaker was superior expert on the topic they presented. The program was very interesting. It was my first Pincus program. Very impressed and looking forward to taking another program.”

“Knowledgeable speakers.”

“I needed a systematic overview of the major immigration case types and got it.”

“Well organized, breaks at perfect times, panel was perfect, great speakers. Well done!”

“It’s a good seminar, thank you all!”

“Comprehensive covers all major bases.”

“Speakers were very good obviously know their stuff.”

“Good printed material and presentation.”

“Good energy & display of expertise.”

“A lot of practical knowledge!”

“Lots of new info!”

The following testimonials are from our previous Immigration 101 courses held in Illinois:

“Wonderful seminar! Everything was covered fabulously, and the speakers were knowledgeable and interesting.” – Laura Lee Robinson, Esq.

“Great seminar.” – Nicholas J. Brunick, Esq.

“This was well-organized and well-presented.” – Ronald L. Boorstein, Esq.

“Very helpful in understanding immigration law.” – Raymond F. Horne, Esq.

“The information was presented in a very clear manner that helped me to understand what I’ve learned on the job – and in my own research – much better.” – Kevin Kime, Esq.

“Very informative seminar. Knowledgeable speakers.” Elena Costa, Esq.

“On the whole, this was well-organized and well-presented.”

“Good review of family-based immigration. Good overview of business visas.”


Hon. Robin Kandell Paulino
Former San Francisco Immigration Court Judge
Partner – Tafapolsky & Smith LLP

Ms. Paulino is a Partner in Tafapolsky & Smith’s San Francisco office where she leverages her unique leadership experiences as outside counsel, in-house counsel and within the Federal government to help her clients build and maintain industry leading immigration programs. Energized by building relationships with stakeholders across sectors to achieve goals, Ms. Paulino is driven toward innovation, continuous improvement and creative solutions to complex matters.

An appointee of Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Ms. Paulino served as an Immigration Judge in the San Francisco Immigration Court from September 2016 through December 2020. As an Immigration Judge, Ms. Paulino presided over deportation, removal, rescission and bond proceedings. 

Prior to her appointment to the bench, Ms. Paulino was an Assistant General Counsel for Microsoft, where she led one of the largest in-house immigration legal departments in the United States for over 8 years, ensuring the timely delivery of coordinated and strategic legal advice and support to senior leadership, business partners and employees. Ms. Paulino’s corporate immigration career began at Fragomen, where she managed a high volume of employment-based non-immigrant and immigrant matters for multinational corporations from July 1998 to October 2007. 

As a former Immigration Judge, Ms. Paulino knows first-hand that access to legal representation in United States immigration courts is pivotal to ensuring integrity, fairness and due process. Ms. Paulino is committed to increasing the number of represented individuals in immigration proceedings through pro bono representation. She also offers training, support and guidance to legal professionals looking to make a difference.    

Christopher W. Dempsey, Esq.
Dempsey Law, PLLC

 Mr. Dempsey served with the Office of Immigration Litigation at the U.S. Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. for over a decade.  He retired in March 2018 as the Chief of the National Security and Affirmative Litigation Unit within his Section, where he supervised a team of attorneys conducting national security and immigration-related, affirmative and defensive litigation in district courts and courts of appeal across the nation.  Mr. Dempsey supervised all national security litigation of an office with over 75 attorneys, regularly trained Department attorneys in Washington, D.C. and the National Advocacy Center, and instructed agency attorneys and law enforcement officers at venues throughout the U.S.  Prior to his work at the Justice Department, Mr. Dempsey served on active duty with the U.S. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps then remained active trying criminal cases in the Army Reserves.

Mr. Dempsey has significant litigation experience.  He has tried seventeen jury cases, over fifty bench trials, and handled dozens of appeals.  Mr. Dempsey has worked a broad range of cases, from felony and capital criminal matters to civil suits under the Immigration and Nationality Act — including naturalization, adjustment of status, visa and passport matters, immigration detention, programmatic challenges, and denaturalization cases — as well as actions under the Administrative Procedure Act, Federal Tort Claims Act, and Bivens cases.  Mr. Dempsey has also handled dozens of habeas petitions and nation-wide class actions.

Mr. Dempsey volunteers assisting disabled and homeless Veterans in need through several local, national, and international non-profit organizations.

Agnieszka Dolinska, Esq.
Managing Attorney/Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Wilner & O’Reilly, APLC

Aggie Dolinska is the Managing Attorney at the Riverside Office of Wilner & O’Reilly. She is Board Certified as a specialist in immigration and nationality law by the State Bar of California’s Bureau of Legal Specialization. Ms. Dolinska’s immigration practice involves all areas of Immigration and Nationality Law, including family and employment-based immigration, non-immigrant visas, removal defense, litigation, and asylum law. Ms. Dolinska is currently the head of the litigation and deportation department in our office. Her removal defense practice includes representing clients in proceedings before the Immigration Court and on appeal with the Board of Immigration Appeals and the Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.

Ms. Dolinska graduated magna cum laude from Boise State University in 1998 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Criminal Justice Administration and minor emphasis on drug and alcohol studies. She earned her Juris Doctor degree in 2001 from Brigham Young University, where she was a senior editor of the BYU Education and Law Journal and a member of the International Moot Court and American Inn of Court No. 1. While in law school, Ms. Dolinska worked as a legal intern for the Ada County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office in Boise, Idaho, and completed a summer externship with Judge Daniel T. Eismann of the Idaho Fourth District Court in Boise. Ms. Dolinska also participated in the Woody Deem Trial Advocacy Competition and Jessup International Moot Court Competition. Prior to her practice in immigration law, Ms. Dolinska practiced civil ligation in Utah.

Ms. Dolinska is admitted to both the State Bar of California and the State Bar of Utah. She is also admitted to the United States District Court for the Central District of California and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit. She is also a member of the Orange County Bar Association and J. Reuben Clark Law Society, Orange County Chapter.

As a native of Poland, Ms. Dolinska has had personal experiences with the immigration system in the United States. Because of those experiences, she offers a unique perspective and understanding to the clients of Wilner & O’Reilly. Ms. Dolinska is fluent in English and Polish.

Richard M. Green, Esq.
Partner, Certified Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Carothers DiSante & Freudenberger, LLP

Rick Green is a CA Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law.

Immigration Lawyer Richard M. Green understands the importance of work and family, and places special emphasis on helping employers obtain immigration status and employment authorization in the United States for their employees and their family members. A Certified Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law by the California Board of Legal Specialization, Green is a proud member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has been helping clients with their immigration issues for close to 20 years.  Additionally, Green is an Adjunct Professor at the Fowler School of Law at Chapman University where he teaches Immigration Law.

Whether you are an employer or employee seeking an employment based visa for a highly skilled employee, need to establish citizenship, want to bring a family member to the States under a family based visa, or need information regarding immigration opportunities for religious workers, Green puts his years of experience into play to assist his clients in an efficient and timely manner so they get what they need, when they need it.

Susan S. Han, Esq.
Founder/Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Han Law Group

Ms. Susan S. Han is the founder and owner of Han Law Group, Immigration Attorneys. She has been practicing immigration law since 1998 and has vast experience in handling all aspects of immigration law including family-based petitions, business immigration, deportation and removal, asylum, U-visas, TPS, citizenship and naturalization, and appeals at all levels.

In addition to her practice, Ms. Han has been an adjunct professor at California State University, Los Angeles, and is a frequent guest speaker on immigration topics for various bar organization such as the Los Angeles County Bar Association (LACBA) and the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA).  

Ms. Han received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Literature from the University of California, Santa Barbara. She graduated with a Juris Doctor degree from Southwestern University School of Law where she earned the American Jurisprudence Award in Constitutional Law.

John Q. Khosravi, Esq.
Managing Attorney
JQK Law Firm – Immigration and Nationality Law

Immigration Attorney and Professor John Q. Khosravi is the Managing Attorney of the JQK Law Firm, a boutique-style immigration law firm headquartered in Los Angeles, CA, with satellite offices throughout the west coast of the United States. He is also Adjunct Professor of Immigration Law at Pepperdine Law School.

As a first-generation American of immigrant parents, John Khosravi understands the personal difficulties of immigration.

The JQK Law Firm focuses on Family, Business (Investment & Employment) and Talent (Artists, Athletes, Scientists/Professors/Researchers & Individuals with Extraordinary Abilities) based immigration to the United States. He also helps individual Naturalization, obtaining travel documents (White Passport/Reentry Permits) and other immigration-related needs of his clients.

John works with individuals and clients of various sizes, from start-ups and small businesses to multinational corporations, in a broad range of industries, including academic, advertising, medical and research, new media, biotechnology, aerospace, fashion, and the arts and entertainment fields.

Mr. Khosravi is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and served as the Vice-Chair of AILA’s National Law Student Committee, in addition to teaching Immigration Law as an Adjunct Professor at Loyola Law School, Los Angeles and Pepperdine Law School in Malibu, CA. John earned his Juris Doctor degree from Loyola Law School, after receiving his B.A. with Honors from UCLA.

John is also an avid guitar player, songwriter, singer, runner, and bicyclist.

Juliana G. Lamardo, Esq.
Law Offices of Juliana G. Lamardo, P.A.

Juliana G. Lamardo was born in São Paulo, Brazil. When she was 8 years old, her parents made the difficult decision to leave Brazil in search of a better life. Juliana’s father obtained an L-1A visa and moved the entire family to the United States. In 1994, Juliana became a lawful permanent resident and then a U.S. Citizen in 2001. Juliana experienced the immigration process firsthand and knows how apprehensive it can be.

Juliana attended Florida International University in Miami and earned a Bachelor’s in Business Administration in 2003. Following her mother’s footsteps as an attorney, Juliana attended law school at Barry University School of Law in Orlando, Florida. She graduated in 2007. It was in law school where her desire to help other immigrants came to life.

Juliana opened the Law Offices of Juliana G. Lamardo in 2016. She was previously a Senior Associate Attorney with a private immigration law firm for over six years, where she handled thousands of cases. She concentrates in the areas of deportation defense, bond hearings, deferred inspections, family-based residency, Citizenship, and naturalization.

Juliana has represented clients in removal and bond proceedings before the Immigration Court, before the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) on family-based petitions, applications for residency, and applications for Citizenship, as well as various waivers for criminal activity. She has also appeared before the Customs Border Protection (CBP) for deferred inspections.

She is a frequent speaker at various immigration-related seminars including the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Pincus Professional Education, and the Association for the Studies of the Cuban Economy (ASCE). She was also a regular guest speaker on Almavisión radio (87.7 FM) on issues related to immigration.

She has been licensed by the Supreme Court of Florida and the United States District Court, Southern District of Florida Division since 2008. She is also a member of the Florida Bar and is licensed to practice immigration in all 50 states.

Juliana is fluent in Portuguese, Spanish, and English. She understands the complexities associated with immigration procedures and she applies her knowledge and background to competently assist those who wish to build a life in this country. 

Amy C. Lenhert, Esq.
Managing Attorney
Law Office of Sabrina Damast, Inc.

Amy Lenhert has practiced immigration law exclusively since becoming an attorney in 2003. She has expertise in a broad range of immigration matters and is certified as a Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization. 

Amy has successfully litigated cases before the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, and the U.S. District Courts of California, Nebraska, and Washington, D.C. In addition to her federal court practice, Amy represents clients in removal proceedings throughout the United States, assisting her clients in obtaining cancellation of removal for lawful permanent residents, cancellation of removal for nonresidents, waivers for fraud and criminal convictions, and applications for asylum.  She has successfully represented clients with administrative appeals to both the Board of Immigration Appeals and the USCIS Administrative Appeals Office.

Amy also regularly represents individuals in connection with family-based visa petitions, unlawful presence waivers, applications for naturalization, and complex citizenship claims.

Beyond litigation and family immigration, Amy’s employment-based experience includes representation of large healthcare companies with hundreds of immigrant visa petitions for Registered Nurses under the Schedule A category, as well as assisting with TN visa matters for Registered Nurses. She has successfully litigated erroneous denials of employment-based petitions in federal court.

Amy believes strongly in the importance of giving back, and regularly provides pro bono legal services through a variety of organizations.  She serves on the advisory committee for the Los Angeles office of Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), an organization dedicated to ensuring that no child appears in immigration court without legal representation.

Amy received her Juris Doctorate from Loyola Law School Los Angeles in 2003. She is an active member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and the Executive Committee for the Immigration Section of the Los Angeles Bar Association (LACBA).

Margarita Manduley, Esq.
Partner/Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Manduley & Camissasa, PC

Margarita Manduley was born in Cuba and immigrated to the United States as a child. She received her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Southern California and her juris doctor from Loyola Law School.

Margarita practices immigration law exclusively. Before opening her law firm with her partner, Mariela Camissasa, Margarita worked as a detention attorney for the Catholic Legal Immigration Network (CLINIC), a non profit organization that offers pro bono legal assistance to detainees in removal proceedings.

Margarita is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA). She is also a member of the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association. (LACBA).

Attorney Manduley has been admitted to the California Supreme Court, the United States District Court for the Central District of California, and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Margarita has received numerous certificates of recognition from community organizations for her work and commitment to immigrant communities.

As an immigrant, Margarita understands the suffering of those that come to the United States in search of freedom and a better life for themselves and their loved ones. As a wife and mother, she recognizes that each case represents the future of an entire family. For that reason, each client is treated, not as one more file, but as a person whose life will be affected by the outcome of his or her immigration case.

Dilip Patel, Esq.
Buchanan Ingersoll & Rooney PC

With more than 30 years of legal experience, Dilip Patel has built a strong practice which deals with all aspects of immigration law. Dilip focuses on assisting individuals and families, as well as U.S. companies that hire foreign nationals for temporary or permanent work. Using his background in the IT industry and corporate transactions, Dilip is able to provide counsel on issues related to relocation of highly skilled workers. He also provides assistance to investors from abroad who wish to live in the U.S. for the purpose of managing their businesses.

Dilip’s career began in London where he worked in one of the city’s oldest law firms for five years before moving to the United States and settling in the Tampa Bay area. Since then, Dilip has worked in the international and business department of one of Florida’s largest law firms and served as general counsel and vice president of a large IT company before opening and managing his own firm. Most recently, Dilip worked in the Tampa office of a Florida-based firm in their Corporate Practice Group where he practiced immigration and corporate law.

Dilip is Board certified in Immigration and Nationality Law by the Florida Bar and has been selected by his peers for inclusion in The Best Lawyers in America® since 2006. In 2018 and 2015, he was named Lawyer of the Year in Immigration Law by The Best Lawyers in America® and in 2016 was selected by his peers to the Tampa Magazine’s Top Lawyers list for Immigration Law. Additionally, Dilip has received the AV® distinction, which is the highest available mark for professional excellence from by Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review Ratings.

A frequent speaker at the American Immigration Lawyers Association’s conferences and author of immigration-related articles, booklets and newsletters, Dilip is involved in a number of organizations in the Tampa Bay area including serving on the board of directors of the INDO-US Chamber of Commerce.

Alary E. Piibe, Esq.
Partner/Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law
Hill & Piibe, Immigration Attorneys

Alary E. Piibe is a long-time litigator and certified as a specialist in immigration and nationality law by the State Bar of California Board of Legal Specialization who has developed keen and aggressive courtroom skills. Mr. Piibe prides himself as a formidable strategist who will make persuasive, effective presentations, and who represents his clients in a straightforward manner before US ICE (U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Department of Homeland Security), US CIS (U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, Department of Homeland Security) and the Immigration Court. This litigation style translates into a benefit for his clients, and helps cause the government to make a thorough and careful consideration of the cases during the adjudication process. 

Mr. Piibe has considerable experience in applying for waivers for unlawful presence (otherwise known as “3/10 waivers” or “illegal presence” waivers). He treats each case as unique and devotes many firm resources in an “all-out” effort to obtain a successful conclusion that reunites a family. He is especially adept at criminal immigration issues, understanding the nuances that can mean the difference between success and deportation. Under his guidance, the firm has vacated numerous criminal convictions to cancel their effect on deportation and removal. 

Mr. Piibe’s experience before the Asylum Office and the Immigration Court gives his clients additional protection, and he has won several asylum cases involving complicated and technical issues, which most immigration attorneys would have declared hopeless. Mr. Piibe is a member of both the California State Bar as well as the federal District Courts, enabling him great latitude to appear in any Court to pursue his clients’ needs.

Jennifer Rozdzielski, Esq.

JR Immigration Law

Jennifer Rozdzielski is an immigration attorney with over 8 years of experience who is working for one of the top immigration law firms in the Untied States.  Growing up in Tucson, Arizona close to the border, immigration issues always took front center. During law school Jennifer was first introduced to immigration law while externing at the Office of the Chief Counsel for Immigration and Customs Enforcement in Phoenix, Arizona.  During her externship Jennifer was shocked at how little she truly knew about the immigration system and specifically how harsh the current immigration laws are.  If an educated individual knew so little about the harsh realities of immigration law certainly the general public knew less. Inspired by her externship Jennifer went on to pursue a career in all aspects of immigration law.  Jennifer is well experienced in all aspects of immigration law including: removal, family-based (also known politically as “chain-migration”), consular processing and employment.  The goal of my blog is to share my experiences about the reality of immigration not colored by the bias of liberal or conservative media.

Elina Magaly Santana, Esq.
Shareholder / Immigration Attorney
Santana Rodriguez Law, P.A.

Elina Magaly Santana, Esq. is a Shareholder and Co-founder of Santana Rodriguez Law, P.A., a firm focusing solely on Immigration Law.  She is licensed in the state of Florida, the U.S. District Court Southern District of Florida, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eleventh Circuit. Elina focuses her immigration practice on Family-based and Marriage-based Residency, Naturalization, Deportation Defense (including Asylum & Cancellation of Removal), Waivers, Derivative/Acquired Citizenship, and BIA Appeals. 

She is the 2nd Vice-President for AILA South Florida (American Immigration Lawyers Association) and a Board Member for Capital Good Fund, a social change organization that uses financial services to tackle poverty in the U.S.  She has also volunteered on the border in Harlingen, TX aiding children seeking asylum and special immigrant juvenile visas. 

Elina has served as a panelist and guest speaker at many events on immigration law, and she has appeared on Univision, Telemundo, and NBC to talk about current immigration issues.  Elina earned her JD from Boston University (BU) School of Law and her BA in both Sociology and Spanish Literature at New York University (NYU) with high honors.  She is a fluent Spanish speaker and was born to Cuban parents in Miami, Florida.

Adonia R. Simpson, Esq.
Director of Policy and Pro Bono
ABA Commission on Immigration

Adonia R. Simpson is the Director of Policy and Pro Bono at the ABA Commission on Immigration (COI).  Ms. Simpson grew up overseas and obtained her undergraduate degree from the University of Kansas, followed by her Juris Doctorate from New England Law | Boston in 2009.  

Ms. Simpson has substantial experience in both private practice and legal services.  She started her legal career as the Fellow for the Center for Law and Social Responsibility providing representation on Special Immigrant Juvenile cases at Greater Boston Legal Services.  During her Fellowship, she also participated in a trial observation in Colombia with the support of Rights and Democracy and Lawyers without Borders of Canada.  Following her fellowship, Ms. Simpson worked in private practice providing representation on defensive immigration and criminal matters.  She returned to nonprofit work as the Managing Attorney at Catholic Charities of Baltimore’s Immigration Legal Services at the Esperanza Center.  

Prior to joining the COI team, Ms. Simpson spent five years developing and directing the Family Defense Program at Americans for Immigrant Justice in Miami, Florida. The program provided immigration education, screening, and representation to vulnerable immigrants throughout South Florida.  Her on-the-ground experience, provides valuable insights on policy issues and pro bono engagement.   

Ms. Simpson serves on various local and national immigration committees and working groups.  Ms. Simpson frequently lectures, writes, and gives interviews on immigration topics.  She is licensed in Massachusetts and the United States Supreme Court.

Carl Shusterman, Esq.
Certified Legal Specialist in Immigration & Nationality Law

Mr. Shusterman is a 1973 graduate of the UCLA School of Law. He served as an attorney for the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) until 1982 when he entered the private practice of law. He is authorized to practice before the Supreme Court of California, the Federal District Court, the U.S. Court of Appeals, Sixth, Seventh and Ninth Circuits and the Supreme Court of the United States. 

Mr. Shusterman is a former chairman of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), Southern California Chapter and served as a member of AILA’s National Board of Governors (1988-97). He has chaired numerous AILA Committees, spoken at dozens of AILA Conferences and has contributed a number of scholarly articles to AILA’s publications. 

Mr. Shusterman is a Certified Specialist in Immigration and Nationality Law, State Bar of California. He has served as a member of the Immigration and Nationality Law Advisory Commission for the State Bar. Each year since 2002, he has been voted as a Super Lawyer in Southern California by his colleagues in the bar. For each of the past 10 years, Mr. Shusterman has been voted as one of the Best Lawyers of America. He is listed in The International Who’s Who of Corporate Immigration Lawyers. 

Mr. Shusterman is a frequent writer and lecturer on immigration law. His articles, letters to the editor and quotes have appeared in such prestigious publications as the New York Times, Washington Post, Canada’s Globe and Mail, USA Today, Los Angeles Times, Wall Street Journal, National Law Journal, California Lawyer, Los Angeles Lawyer, Journal of the American Medical Association, Christian Science Monitor, Atlantic Monthly, Computer World, Information Week, Issues in Science and Technology, Variety, and numerous other publications. He has written for, and been quoted extensively in, leading periodicals specializing in immigration law including Interpreter Releases, Immigration Law and Procedure, Immigration Briefings, Inside Immigration, Immigration Journal and U.S. Immigrant Magazine. In addition, he has appeared on various television programs including NBC’s Today Show, CNN’s Headline News, the Nightly News with Peter Jennings and on a wide variety of nationally syndicated radio shows.

Mr. Shusterman has testified as an expert witness before the Senate Immigration Subcommittee in Washington, D.C.


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