2019 Exam Prep. Course list for the CA Legal Specialist Exam

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We are currently planning the 2019 schedule for our Exam Prep courses for the California Certified Legal Specialization Exam. These courses will be held in August and September this year. If you are interested in signing up, please email us at info@pincusproed.com and we will send you a special invitation and coupon once the program dates have been scheduled. We will offer in-person and home study courses. The Home Study courses will be recorded live and available three to four days after the seminar via download and CD.

The following is a list of our expected Exam Prep courses offered in 2019 (Live or Home Study):

Exam Prep: Appellate Law Specialist Exam (Civil only)

Exam Prep: Estate Planning, Trust & Probate Law Specialist Exam

Exam Prep: Immigration and Nationality Law

Exam Prep: Workers’ Compensation

Exam Prep: Tax Law

Exam Prep: Criminal Law (state only – CA)


The following is a list of our California Exam Prep. courses recorded in2017(Home Study).

Exam Prep: CA Appellate Law Specialist Exam (Civil only) (CA)

Exam Prep: Workers’ Compensation (CA)

Exam Prep: Immigration Specialist Exam (CA)*

* If you order the 2017 Immigration and Nationality Law Exam Prep Course, you’ll also receive our you’ll also receive our What Are the Immigration Consequences of a Criminal Conviction? webinar (a $245 value)!


The following list is of our California Exam Prep. courses recorded in 2015(Home Study):

Exam Prep. Course: Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law Specialist Exam

Exam Prep. Course: Appellate Law Specialist Exam (CIVIL only) (CA)

Exam Prep. Course: Immigration and Nationality Law Specialist Exam

Exam Prep. Course: CA Criminal Law Specialist Exam

Criminal Appeals – An excerpt from our Exam Prep Course (45 Min Session)(CA)


About our Exam Prep. Courses: 

At our Exam Prep courses – many of which are the only ones in the state – Certified Legal Specialists talk to you about what to expect when you take the exam and give a substantive overview of the critical law and practice areas listed by the bar as potential topics upon which they may test. Additionally, two sample questions from the bar’s published subject-area packets will be used as practice exams and the faculty walk you through the important issues presented by the questions (the mock tests will not be graded).

By taking our Exam Prep. courses, you can reduce the stress that goes with the unknown when preparing for the exam; you can get a refresher on those areas of the law of which you do not practice on a daily basis (or never handle); and you can gain insight into how you should prepare and study for the exam from those that have gone before.

Additionally, because we cannot know exactly what specific questions and issues the bar will test on, and their “potential topic list” is vast, our program covers those topics that the bar lists they might test. This means that we cannot guarantee every single question or issue that appears on your exam is covered in our course (that would pretty much be impossible). We also strongly recommend you begin studying for the exam early – as early as summer. Last minute studying, even with the help of this course, is always a risky proposition when it comes to such a difficult exam covering so many areas of law.

Please note: If you took any of our Exam Prep courses in 2017 and did not pass your exam, please call us about a special rate at (877) 858.3848.

If you have any questions about our Exam Prep. courses, please contact us at Pincus Professional Education, and we will help you with any additional information and registration.  Call: (877) 858-3848 or Email us at info@pincusproed.com


Click here for the Bar’s requirements regarding the exam and qualifications to be a specialist.


Please click on the link of the Exam Prep. course you are interested in, and read about the specific planned agenda for that program.

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Fees for most Exam Prep Courses are as follows:

Audio Course Material Package Download: $750

Early Bird Rates for 2019 Exam Preps: $700

Audio Course Material Package CD:  $750, plus $7.50 shipping and, in CA, sales tax.

(Audio packages will be available within a few days of the live program)



Below are just a fraction of all the wonderful testimonial we receive for our Exam Prep. courses:

“Don’t even think about taking the California Bar Exam for Appellate Specialization without first taking the Pincus prep course. A one of a kind presentation by appellate experts who are familiar with the exam and will prepare you for the big test.”  Jeffrey Lewis, Esq.

“I’m not sure if I ever told you just how helpful your study guide for the exam was for me.  It was just wonderful – and worked!”  Holly N. Boyer, Esq., Esner, Chang & Boyer

“Multiple choice questions and sample answers were very helpful.” Zareh Jaltorossian, Esq.

“Excellent seminar that prepared for the exam. Interesting panelists with incisive comments and suggestions.” Tom Freeman, Esq.

“I passed! In no small part thanks to you.”

“Yes, I did pass the appellate specialization certification exam – thanks in large part to your great course.”

“I passed the last criminal specialist exam thanks to your course. It was very helpful.” – David Sandhaus, Esq.

“Speakers were knowledgeable and effective.” – Vijan Dinakar, Esq.

“Interesting and fun seminar. Good idea having state bar presenters, very helpful.”  – David Sanhaus, Esq.

“Topics were very concise.” – Tai Bogan, Esq.

“Satisfied.” – Harry Damkar, Esq.

“Great speakers. Thank you.”

“I was just certified this year.  I did take your course two years ago and found it extremely helpful in preparing for the exam and would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of becoming a certified appellate specialist.”

“I passed the August Appellate Specialization Exam.  Ben Shatz, Jennifer King, and Scott Davenport gave a great program and provided very useful advice in preparing for the exam.  Thank you.”

“I just learned that I passed the Appellate Specialist Exam.  I didn’t attend your course in person, I had the CD’s; but the course really helped me pass the exam.  You did a nice job of treating the civil and criminal sides of the exam, I thought.  I found the course very useful and helpful.  Thanks to you and the panel who put it on.”

“I just finished my second listening to your Pincus program re the appellate specialization exam.  I sure do appreciate you putting the program together.  It helped shape my study plan and outline and is a great refresher.  Thanks for participating in it.”  J. Lewis, Esq.

“Very informative. I appreciate that the speakers were former exam authors.”  Cassidy Davenport, Esq.

“It was a good perspective and I appreciated what the speakers had to say.”

“Really appreciated the multiple choice questions.”

“Excellent, well-balanced panel. All highly knowledgeable.”

“The panel’s appellate experience really showed!  Great advice.”

“Very clear and helpful.”

“…Good perspectives on how the exam is written and how questions are phrased.”

“Got my money’s worth.”

“Great presentation!”

“I feel like I’m prepared to take the exam now.  Thank you!”

“Good materials.  The samples really help.”

“Teachers were great!”

“Great content. Got a lot out of it!” – Sergio Copete, Esq.

“Fab outline, fine presentation, relevant.” – Helena Younosi, Esq.

“Concise – clear explanation.”

“Focused, good.” – Colin B. Desatnik, Esq.

“Very well done.”

“Good material, good delivery…”


Please click on the link of the Exam Prep. course you are interested in, and read about the specific Faculty for that program.

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